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Ask Cryptic: July 2011
Even busy as he is with the launch of Season 4 - Executive Producer Dan Stahl will not forget about your questions. Here is the July edition of Star Trek Online's Ask Cryptic!

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Skaadooosh! :cool:

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Thanks Stahl!

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Glad to hear the question about Red Squad insignia. The real-life merchandise also sounds interesting, as long as it isn't too overpriced. I would love to get a replica of my starship. I'd probably go broke quickly though, as I love collecting Star Trek ships.

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Series 4
Series 4 sounds so awesome, we have recieved so much info now I cant wait for series 4 to start rolling out, what is the name of the series! The episodes! Everything!

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Stahl needs a well deserved vacation for all his hard work... or one week without anyone here taking what he says as a guarantee, whatever is best :D

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sounds great!

Now all we need is too let us take our away teams on with us while being teamed with 5 other captains into fleet actions and STFs/ missions

TNG "yesterdays enterprise" uniforms (with cool phaser belts)

Klingon sashes for are fed boffs

All ship stations should be universal at the Vice Admiral level and above (universal slots should scale with rank in all ships from RA-Fleet ADM)

Let us name our alien species we create

extra weapon slot for captain and 1 for BOs too to fight assimilation

Optional kit slots, to add to their current skill tree

Auto pilot bridge travel!

Exploration revamp?

Eliminate cool down timers for LTS!

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There was a lot of good information in this one, im really curious about the new borg space encounters.

Although I did notice no mention of the missing Vesta class.

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Q: farscape-one The new Enterprise class ship - it would be nice to have all universal bridge officers like the Klingond so anyone (class) could fly it.

A: Great suggestion! I'll talk to the ship design team about this to see if they'll consider it. It may be that we could at least offer different "flavors" of the ship to different classes, if not make it universal.
For cryin' out loud feddies, just leave it alone. So you are trying to take everything unique away from the KDF, and on top of that, you want a cruiser with universal slots, the most overpowered class of ship in the game? And Daniel, you think this is a good idea? Are you freakin' kidding me?

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