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Archived Post 07-03-2011 04:06 PM

The Hunt (episode 2, part 1)
Not sure if any one has done this before (i highly doubt im the only one.) But i figured i would show off some visuals from my new missions.

Description: Follows the events of DS9 - A Mystery, Captain Drakko has gone rogue, joined with the True Way. Now he is wanted for bombing a cardassian transport carrying ten cardassian children that were on their way to ds9, to be honored in their efforts during the Tribble Crisis. You considered this kids your friends, vengeance is now your only goal. Hunt him down, but will your rage get the better of you? And discover if Drakko really went rogue or if maybe some one in Star Fleet ordered him to do this.

Bit shorter then my last mission, give it about 30 min to complete.

Mostly done with bridge and ground scenes, no space.

Screen Shots : First we have our generic bridge (happy mode) Then comes the chaos (sad mode) View Screen On, showing a ship on fire with minor explosions on the view screen An asteroid base in the badlands.

Archived Post 07-03-2011 04:07 PM Some kind of scanner slash tractor beam, draggin the ship to some unknown location.

I know these visual effects dont look perfect but im really happy with how they came out. Simulating the view screen being in use, even if they dont look exact.

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