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The Wishlist Thread: Canon Ships Edition 2.0
Welcome to the Canon Ship Wishlist 2.0 Thread - For Reference purposes, the old thread can be found HERE. Also HERE is a link to the old Ship Survey I ran.

The purpose of this topic is to centralize a wishlist for the "canon" ships that we'd like to be added to the game. I am using thr word "canon" in its broadest since - any ship that appeared in an officially licensed Star Trek product. This can include TV Series, Movies, Video Games, Books, Comics, Artbooks, Calendars, and other merchandise. This means that not all ships listed wil be "owned" by CBS (which licenses "Trek" to Cryptic) so do keep in mind that for many ships, additional licenses and contracts would be required, making it much harder for them to be added.

But we aren't concerned about that, we simply need to tell Cryptic what we want (and will likely pay for in the C-Store) and they can work out those issues on their own.

To Summarize the ground rules:

Some ground rules:
  • They need to appear in Star Trek licensed material.
  • It doesn't HAVE to be hard canon ships that appeared in a movie or TV series.
  • They can be from artwork, books, card games, video games, and other approved published material.
  • Ships made by a fan and not acquired by CBS can't be listed, legal ownership rights would make them too hard to acquire.
  • If there is an excellent case made, we can perhaps list these separately as something to investigate.
  • Ships shown in production notes and design mock-ups are valid, however. Including Perpetual ships
  • Please include LINKS to articles and pictures rather than attachments so I can move the links up into the main post.
  • Also, try to avoid hotlinking when an article page is available.

Below we will list the ships already in the game, those in development, and those that have been "ruled out" for now for one reason or another. Then a Kitbash/Derivative section. My 2nd post will contain the main wishlists, divided into sections for the factions.

In Development:

Confirmed Not Coming/In Limbo:
  • Enterprise J (actual J not coming, perhaps a "ship inspired by" adaptation)
  • TOS Enterprise Refit - On Hold

Finished and In Game:

  • TOS Constitution
  • Constitution Refit (Enterprise A)
  • Miranda/Shi'Kahr/Soyuz (Soyuz isn't technically there, but its so close to the other two that its best addressed through model tweaks rather than a new ship)
  • Centaur
  • Cheyenne
  • Saber
  • Akira
  • Zephyr (Steamrunner clone)
  • Oslo (Norway clone)
  • Noble (Sovereign Variant - Formerly NX 91001 - Some requests for its original beta design)
  • Nova
  • Olympic (from All Good Things)
  • Prometheus (Now with MVAM variant)
  • Galaxy
  • Intrepid
  • Defiant
  • Sovereign
  • Runabout
  • Luna (from USS Titan)
  • Galaxy X (From All Good Things)
  • Excelsior/Excelsior Refit
  • Nebula/Nebula Refit
  • D'Kyr Class Vulcan Ship -- Link
  • Enterprise NX-01 - Image
  • Oberth Science Ship -- Image

  • Type 8
  • Runabout
  • Delta Flyer
  • Captain's Yacht
  • Vulcan Support Craft (undocks from D'kyr)
  • TOS Shuttle (TOS Bundle)
  • Peregrine Fighter

  • Bird of Prey
  • Vor'cha
  • D7 Cruiser
  • K't'inga
  • Negh'var
  • Raptor (similar to Raptor from Enterprise)
  • Vor'cha Refit + new Original skin for both versions
  • B'Rel BOP (Chang's BoP from ST VI - Fires while cloaked)
  • Gorn Ship - Preview
  • Orion Ship - Preview - Post
  • Nausicaan Ship - Preview - Post

  • Toron Shuttle -- Memory Alpha
  • Duj'hod Assault Shuttle -- (Based on Goroth's Ship
  • KDF Fighter

Also lots of Cryptic designed ships and variants which I shall not name here to keep it shorter.

A Note on Kitbashes

I'm gonna list the kitbashes people require in here, but let's try to keep it within reason. A lot of these were made simply for debris shots after battles and never received polished models. A lot of times they have wildly mismatched parts and look very bizarre. (Note: A kitbash is a ship made out of parts from Models of different ships; so a Galaxy saucer and some Excelsior hull and nacelle pieces, or something - they were
widely used as filled ships in graveyard scenes) In my opinion, it would be better for Cryptic artists to make an "Inspired by" versions of the cooler kitbashes that solve some of the weird issues rather than a straight reproduction. And yes, I am aware that a few of the kitbashes are already in game (Cheyenne, Centaur) and they aren't terrible, but they're also more "accepted" ships soft-canon wise.

FASA ships generally share the same issues; They took stock ships and added things on for variety. These types of ships will appear here, since they are numerous.

Kitbashes and Derivative Models from FASA, Etc.

Ds9 Tech Manual Kitbashes
FASA Ship Recognition Manual

See the next post for the full Wishlists for Federation, Klingons, and "Others"

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The Wishlist

Just a list of ships we want, in no particular order:


  • Constellation Class (USS Hathaway and USS Stargazer) -- Memory Alpha
  • Steamrunner Class -- Memory Alpha - an update to the in game version "Zephyr class"
  • Norway Class -- Memory Alpha - an update to the in-game version "Oslo class"
  • New Orleans Class -- Memory Alpha -- Ex Astris Scientia
  • NX-01 Refit -- Drex Files -- Diagram -- Doug Drexler's NX-01 Refit for Enterprise Season 5
  • Bonaventure Class -- Memory Beta -- Image - Ship from 2006 SoTL Calendar, not to be confused with This Ship
  • Andy Probert's Ambassador Concept -- Drexfiles SOTL Preview Entry - From the 2012 Ships of the Line Calendar, by Tobias Richter from the design of Andy probert
  • U.S.S Planck -- DrexFiles SOTL Preview Entry - From the 2012 Ship of the Line Calendar, the USS Planck (Merian Class) a vesta-Era (2380) Miranda replacement - By Mark Radamaker
  • USS Spirit -- Memory Beta - Another design by Mark Radamaker, who also designed the Vesta class.
  • Intrepid type -- Ex Astris Scientia (Scroll a little) -- Galley - NX-01 Era ship
  • Daedalus Class -- Memory Beta - NX-01 Era ship
  • Archer Class - Memory Beta - From Vanguard book series - 23rd Century scout ship
  • Wells Class Time Ship -- Memory Alpha
  • Warship Voyager -- Memory Alpha - From the Voyager episode "Living Witness"
  • TOS Constitution Alternate skin -- Image -- Video - By Gabriel C Koehner, candidate for ST XI design.
  • Phase II Constitution Refit -- Forgotten Trek Website - Early Connie Refit design
  • Typhon Carrier -- Memory Alpha -- Image - Carrier from Star Trek: Invasion (Video Game)
  • Ulysses Class - From Starfleet Command -- Memory Beta - Pics: 1 - 2
  • Premonition Class - From Armada -- Memory Beta -- Model
  • Warp Delta -- Drexfiles - CG ship from Enterprise
  • Allegiance Class -- STExpanded Wiki - Drexfiles SOTL Calendar Preview - A fan design, featured in the Fan series "Star Trek: Odyssey" and on the 2012 Ships of the Line Calendar. Design by D.M. Phoenix

  • Valkyrie class Fighter -- Memory Beta - Fighters from Star Trek: Invasion
  • Data's Scout Ship -- Memory Alpha - Data's ship from Insurrection
  • Argo Heavy Transport Shuttle -- Memory Alpha - From Nemesis - Include the Rover Buggy, too!
  • More Shuttles - Ex Astris Scientia - Lots of Shuttles to pick from - Chaffee from Defiant, Type 10, etc.
  • Voyager Aeroshuttle
  • Academy Flight Trainer

NOTE: The Kitbash variants and FASA models are in the 1st post at the bottom


Other Ships (Non Faction and Non-Player Ships

Archived Post 07-03-2011 08:01 PM

This post reserved for future content - I plan to show any leaked WIP pics here, as well as showcase some of the ships I personally hope are high on the list.

Archived Post 07-04-2011 02:04 AM

I would like to suggest to add some T5 Excelsior and Assault Cruiser Skins.

Assault Cruiser:


I have no idea how those ships are called, but they look much sleeker and better IMO, than anything cryptics designers have done so far (except the Star Cruiser variants of course, but i begin to think that they where just lucky accidents :D).

Live long and prosper.

Archived Post 07-04-2011 02:16 AM

Early klingon battleship concept from The Way of the Warrior
Its partly ingame for Heavy BoP, but can use some more cannons like on concept for refit version
Imagine her spread wings in battle mode <3

Archived Post 07-04-2011 03:33 AM

The Warp Delta from Enterprise:

Archived Post 07-04-2011 08:07 AM

Right then..

Yreodred: Those are cool... but they're fan made, and haven't appeared in an official Trek product, so I can't list 'em. I can't imagine the hassle it would be to track down the "real" artists and try to negotiate rights.

Zarxide: I have the BoP from "Enterprise" on the list, but I'll add that John Eaves Sketch with the piles of cannons to the entry.

Irish-Fury: Nice! Added.

Archived Post 07-04-2011 08:47 PM

Some of the very first screenshots Cryptic released contained a ship I've wanted ever since.

Image 1

Image 2

Those nacelles made it into the game, obviously, and the saucer and hull are visible in the floating hologram outside the shipyard (and possibly in heavily modified form as the Typhoon).

Archived Post 07-04-2011 09:14 PM

New Orleans model, possibly useful as resource.

Archived Post 07-05-2011 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by Tiberion1701
Right then..

Zarxide: I have the BoP from "Enterprise" on the list, but I'll add that John Eaves Sketch with the piles of cannons to the entry.

Emm, you get it little bit wrong, it was design for late DS9 era Battleship but denied, and some parts used later for Ent BoP, but it is ingame now as Hegh'ta BoP just without additional wings with guns on top, so please could you create some kind of additional Hegh'ta skin\model on list, it is not enterprise BoP, they actually totaly different. :)

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