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Ship of the Line: Reconnaissance Photo - Classified
To: Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and leader of the High Council
From: Quen, Klingon Intelligence
Re: After Action Report, choS Battle Group

Chancellor, I regret to inform you of the loss of the choS Battle Group. The crews fought with honor, sacrificing everything to send back to us intelligence about a new threat to the Empire.

The image included in this missive is of the ship that destroyed the battle group. We know little about this starship other than that, and what we do know is due to the heroic actions of Captain D'rakal and his crew. They died well, and I honor them.

In its continuing investigation into the events of the Hobus supernova, agents of Imperial Intelligence have been looking into reports of incredibly advanced starships appearing in Romulan space.

There must be some validity to these rumors. The Narada was a civilian ship captained by a common miner. Nero was no warrior, and yet he defeated a fleet of our finest starships! I cannot look in the faces of the mates and children of blooded Klingon warriors and tell them that these great men and women were killed by a miner! Even if all of the Fek'lhri had fought at his side, this should not have happened. I will not rest until I have uncovered the truth of all that occurred.

With the chaos enveloping the Romulan colony worlds, entering Romulan space has become a simple matter of engaging our cloaking devices. This is the perfect time to increase intelligence gathering, and I strongly recommend that the High Council authorizes more espionage missions. The more information we have, the more questions about the Hobus supernova and the destruction of the fleet we will be able to answer.

To this end, on Stardate 66710.12 the Klingon Defense Force ordered the Qiv, Tagak and Ki'tang to find a space station known as the Forge.

Reconstruction of the Narada's movements before Nero engaged the Klingon fleet has revealed that the Narada diverted to an area of deep space near Eta Crucis, where it stayed for several days. It may have been here that Nero acquired the advanced technology and weaponry that he used against our fleet.

Klingon Intelligence has known about the Forge for some time. There were many who considered the existence of a secret space station capable of equipping ships with the most advanced technology in the quadrant to be little more than a child's story, but our experience with the Narada proved that it was possible.

After four days of searching, the Ki'tang found the Forge. The space station was empty. Its computer core had been wiped clean, but we did find information in the station that leads Klingon Intelligence to believe that the projects that the Forge had been home to were not abandoned.

In addition, Captain D'rakal reported that the Forge must have been working with Borg technology. The remains of a regeneration chamber were found in one of the laboratories, and the station itself had been outfitted with a central power matrix similar to those found on Borg cubes. It is reasonable to assume that if the Forge had been adapted to operate with Borg technology, then its creators have discovered a way to adapt that same technology to their ships as well. That could explain the incredible abilities of the Narada General Worf reported that the ship appeared to not only have superior weaponry and cloaking ability, it practically seemed to repair itself.

After consulting with Captain D'rakal, I ordered all three ships to expand their search to find the creators of the Forge. It was my hope that we would find definitive evidence that the Narada visited the Forge, and used the advanced weaponry it acquired there in its battle with General Worf's fleet.

It was in this search where the ships encountered an unknown vessel. It appears to be similar to a Romulan ship design, but was equipped with greatly advanced sensors. The unknown ship detected our vessels in cloak, fired and destroyed the Tagak before any of our captains had a chance to react.

The Qiv and Ki'tang fought valiantly, but normal disruptors had little effect. The ship's shields regenerated any damage within seconds, and it appeared to have no power drain when cloaking. In fact, the ship used rapid cloaking and decloaking as a combat maneuver.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the battle was, as the humans say, a foregone conclusion. D'rakal managed to deploy a beacon with his logs before the Ki'tang was destroyed, and that is how we have this image of the ship that destroyed three Klingon starships in mere seconds. May the crews of the Qiv, Tagak and Ki'tang be welcomed in the halls of Sto-vo-kor.

Chancellor, I recommend further investigation of this mystery vessel. It may not be the only one of its kind, and our fleets in the Tranome Sar and Nequencia systems should be briefed about this danger. It will require the efforts of many great warriors to defeat it.


Original Update.

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:01 PM

Interesting, looks Romulan to me

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:03 PM


Clearly a Norexan/Valdore class warbird refitted with advanced technologies. One imagines that this could be the return of Sela's fleet. I'm a bit confused though about whether this is our clue to an "ancient threat" or just a foreshadowing for the next "Path" entry.

An interesting read, but honestly I'm a little disappointed that this month's SOTL isn't a playable ship. Oh well, there's always July...

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:03 PM

I told you guys... you're all worried about the Klingons having cloak... tsk. tsk. ... Be afraid of the Romulans. Their technology is a bigger threat.


Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by ramjam380 (Post 610902)
An interesting read, but honestly I'm a little disappointed that this month's SOTL isn't a playable ship. Oh well, there's always July...

I share your disappointment.
(but then,I was hoping for a Klingon ship)

On the plus side,this SOTL does reveal a bit more about the universe of STO and the status of the former Romulan Star Empire.

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:05 PM

My future ship :D

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:07 PM

Countdown. Borg Tech. Nero. Worf. Nice.

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by USS Parallax
Countdown. Borg Tech. Nero. Worf. Nice.

Indeed. I had a feeling it would be something related to the Narada, afterall, when asked whether it'd be Romulan or not, we were told "Kinda."

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:12 PM

Wasn't the Scimitar capable of most of that? Wouldn't be hard to believe that they could create a few more of that nature, without the aid of all this other parts of this.

While I don't mind the "lore" update, its kinda sad that the SoTL isn't a playable ship. Should make another article for "lore/boss" type ships :(

Archived Post 06-25-2009 07:15 PM

woo first page
ok the narada is in a new dimension now but if there are more of these ships all factions are in trouble

hopefuly this reveled in the near future

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