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Archived Post 07-05-2011 07:21 PM

Infinate Universe Series
This series is about you helping a bunch of other captains in finding out why the borg are vanishing, history changing and discover new life

Series 1

Episode 1: Infinate Universe Prototype -- starfleet tells you to find a prototype starship called the U.S.S. Astral (release date 7.5.2011)

Episode 2: Infinate Universe Missing -- starfleet sends you and another captain called Daniel to the borg unimatrix to discover all the borg have died (not released yet)

Episode 3: Infinate Universe Change -- you go with Jason to find a Vulcan called Bailey but when you find him history transforms (not released yet)

Episode 4: Infinate Universe Resistance -- After rescuing the prisoners they captured a klingon space station and attempt to free the rest of Vulcan (not released yet)

Episode 5: Infinate Universe Truth -- On the planet Darvar you discover the creature that is changing history (not yet released)

Series 2

Episode 1: Infinate Universe Legend -- As you and Trillar discover more about Pandora you get contacted by a unknown messenger and a warning (not yet released)

Episode 2: Infinate Universe Living Dead -- Stafleet sends you to get Pandora, while you do your mission you get dragged into something you might not be able to handle (not yet released)

Episode 3: Infinate Universe Vessel -- The U.S.S. Astral destroyed, Iconians returning, and more will keep coming in this season finally of Infinate Universe (not yet released)

This series has only begun and plans may change over time but enjoy the series

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