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Archived Post 07-07-2011 01:17 PM

Season 4 Ground PvP
So what you think of it so far?

My assessment:
  • Neural Neutralizer is too good a 20 second time limit.
  • Tacticals with Operative kit = Deadly.
  • Security Teams are better than players.
  • Shotgutns and Miniguns = the new IT weapon.
    [*}Melee weapons are still on the old damage model.
  • Orbital Strike is nasty in close quarters.
  • PvP Queues once again bugged.

But my favorites is How Tacticals 1-Shot kill with Shotguns and Science can tank with immunity. Oh and the ever wonderful spawn camping.

Once again proves that Cryptic does not understand PvP or how to balance anything with PvP.

Archived Post 07-07-2011 01:31 PM

i like the blast assault its deadly when paired with the shot gun, massive aoe expose that hits as high as 600 - 800 when fully buffed, and a primary attack that hit almost as hard as a pulse rifle, combined with knock down. you can quickly run in and tear things up with a shot gun using pounce or lunge as a closing mechanism.

Archived Post 07-07-2011 01:34 PM

there a is a few annoying bugs like being able to bug a grenade though the walls or being able to pounce/ lunge inside a eng force field dome.

Sic can tank for a little while one good knock down that interrupts there heal rotation and their toast, at best they can take fire from one person at best

Archived Post 07-07-2011 02:00 PM

whats wrong with shotguns ? it does abysmall dmg on range, and huge close...well, if you see me....RUN ! :o

Archived Post 07-07-2011 02:13 PM

Nothing is that it makes quick work of groups. Who needs sniper rifles anymore. :p

Think GPvP is going to be a graveyard again by the end of the month. So get your ground kill accolades while you can.

Archived Post 07-08-2011 01:14 AM

Personally, I think the Shotgun is moderately OP. And I'm a Sci using it. Not to mention a Tac can not just 1 shot a single player, but probobly an entire team if he does it right. (I've seen it happen)

As far as Science officers, the Borg Analyser kit is quite nasty fully speced. Gives you that invincibility type healing + Tachyeon Harmonic to completely kill shields, and destroy Cover Shields.

I'm 100% Glad they buffed the Engi's Orbital Strike. I always hated how little damage it did.

Neural Neutralizer is no different from Jam Sensors in space combat. It takes a couple seconds to work, and doesn't take much to remove it. Useful as an escape ploy or a way to get rid of alot of focus fire really.

Archived Post 07-08-2011 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by Dalnar
whats wrong with shotguns ? it does abysmall dmg on range, and huge close...well, if you see me....RUN ! :o

See this. This is my boomstick. :cool:

Archived Post 07-08-2011 01:38 AM

I knew if I sticked with Operative long enough, it'd be good some day.

Archived Post 07-08-2011 09:48 AM

If i have two complaints it is that the players hit box seems to scale with the height slider, and are able to exploit line of sight cover that is inaccessible to any of the other player races.

The other is that current ground map do not feature enough cover with the shield nerf there often a lot of space between cover, the maps were not designed with the current cover system in mind.

The melee weapons do need a boast even with a full ground spec and damage boast from power while using the combos melee damage is lack luster at best.

Archived Post 07-08-2011 01:16 PM

I think shields need a revision in how they function (the spring back just isn't fast enough for what really goes on in a ground game now). maybe a 20 percent boost to shields, is in order.

The biggest issue I have is, the maps.

On Otha, the number of powerful weapons skyrockets because of the myriad of close in, and long distance fighting. This allows different weapons, and different kits to shine.
The number of objectives on otha and their spacing also, can keep focus firing from being too much of a problem if your team is after a Victory.

However, neither ghost ship, nor the assimilated cruiser, can boast this. They are strictly favored towards the Shotgun, blast assault, and dual pistols. The corridors are narrow making it difficult to avoid AOEs, and the ranges are very close, meaning it's posible for an enemy team to wipe the other with well timed shotgun blasts as they advance around corners. At longer ranges, due to being pretty much stuck corridor fighting, spherical aoes like the Blast assault, can slaughter with almost total impunity, once the various hold effects, and cramped environments are taken into account.

We need more maps, with more varying ranges.

Engie spam is still a problem, especially on the tight corridor maps, where mobility of a tac or sci is not as valuable as well.

Melee is even more pathetic now than it was before, Kirk Kick aside. Melee dps needs a dire boost, as it's completely inferior to ranged weapons. (But it ignores shields! you say? You mean the shields that are blasted off in one salvo anyway? and I'd like to see you get close enough to use that sword on me when I'm pulling a shotgun into yourface.)

Things I want to see, a hand held hard shield that when presented to the enemy in a crouch makes you totally immune to incoming fire. This can allow for cover for a friendly team as you make your way down the coverless corridors. (think Gears of War with the boomshield, or if you want warhammer 40k with the stormshield) This however slows your movement by fifty percent.

Shields, either raise their capacity or raise how quickly they spring back. Having them come back -after- you aren't taking incoming fire just isn't an option.

A new cover system. Have any of the devs played, mass effect, gears or hell rainbow six vegas?
More Cover.

More maps, with varying open spaces and choke points, with multiple avenues to approach enemy groups from.

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