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Release Notes: July 8 2011
ST.15.20110626a.16 (Hotfix) - General
  • Players will now have greater success when joining Queues in progress, where previously it was failing to allow users to join at all. Joining public queues isn't 100% yet, but getting better. Private queue joining appears ok.
  • Players will now be allowed to join in progress PVE maps up to 15 minutes after they have started. Private Queues may continue to invite players throughout the instance without time limit.
  • Public PVE queues now have a minimum number of 8 players to start. Note that we are also test some new options internally which will allow a "fallback" lower number if the preferred number of players in the public queue is not met. We expect to get that change live in the coming week.
  • We identify an issue where both drop and reward items were receive the wrong statistics. This hotfix build fixes the issue so that rewards and dropped items you receive have the proper defined values for that item.

Known Issues
Some items receive between Season 4 launch yesterday and now may have statistics that were not intended our below the level they should be. Those items will remain altered until another update early next week fixes them to their intented statistics. Items with improper stats that you attempt to equip may give error messages that you are not the proper rank or level to equip the item. This should also be fixed one the fixup script is run on an upcoming patch.

If you select to join a queue, the timer to join and launch the session will click down to 0 but still wait 60 more seconds to transfer you. If you are waiting to transfer and your timer says transfer in "0", wait a minute and see if it still moves you. We have noted that some queues are still failing to launch and we have engineers continuing to look at the issue.

ST.15.20110626a.14 - General:
  • The copy, new and delete buttons in the chat configuration window are now working.
  • Players can once again customize their chat colors.
  • Adjusted the conditions to enter the warriors hall to prevent players from getting stuck.
    • Stuck players will now be able to exit.
  • Cleared an issue that caused the bridge officer assignment tab on your ship to show the incorrect boff type in the dropdown menu.
  • Players will no longer be dropped out of shooter mode while in the process of interacting with an object.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented purchasing the same item from a store multiple times.
  • Players in RPG mode on ground combat should be able to use their secondary attacks and powers while having their primary weapon power set to autofire.
  • Fonts have been reverted to those on Holodeck pre-Season 4 launch.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the removal of exchange lots.
  • Aenar Bridge Officers should begin using their “Project Image” power again.
  • Several crash and stability fixes have been added to this build.

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