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Archived Post 07-08-2011 07:52 PM

Discovery-class Refit Warp Animations
I'm so glad that the extra nacelle trails have been fixed finally. :D It's a small thing but given you see it every time you warp out, it adds up.

Any change of getting the pylon animations fixed? The refit still goes completely vertical unlike the lower tier version.

Archived Post 07-10-2011 04:54 PM

I agree, the Discovery class, does not need to move its pylons, it just kinda looks funny. Its been almost 40 years since the Intrepid Class came out, I think they should have found a way to not move the nacelles. and while I am at it, could we have the old Discovery class nacelles back? You know, the ones that were not so rounded and the ones where the ramscoop does not have a deer-in-headlights look. lol

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