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Archived Post 07-12-2011 09:24 AM

July OPVP Tournament Postponement & New July 16th Event


1:30 pm EST SATURDAY JULY 16th. If you can show up about a half hour earlier, that would be great!

Alright, the teams are up. gid=0

There are a few important things:

1. We want everyone to join our teamspeak tomorrow to make this a lot easier to coordinate and so people are not server hopping. Goose was nice enough to upgrade our server to 50 people just for this event. Even if you dont have a mic, dont worry about it, just come in so you can hear your teammates.

Team Speak 3 (download the client free at their site)


No Password

All "Team" Channels should be open for guests, if you have a problem moving to your team, let one of us know.

2. We will be using an in game channel for communication as well:

OPVP Events

If you have any issues, we will be on several hours before the event. Or if you simply want to chill, we'll be there.

-Qew- players will not be on teams, but instead will be subs incase anyone has to leave.

The first set of teams are taken from the rolls. The only thing we changed were the members of 4th fleet as they all got placed on the same team, so we swapped them with other players. The second set of teams are every sixth player gets matched up, ensuring (aside from once again, 4th fleet being on one team) no one is playing with the same people twice.

Screenshot of rolls (as promised :D):

Hey everyone,

Though I didnít want to do this, I felt the feedback I was receiving from people made it a necessary. Iíve held off as long as I could in hopes that a developer would respond to the issue (or at least to my mail), but that doesnít seem like itís going to happen.

So due to the following:

-Voldemort II Glitch (unlimited commander powers)
-UI Bugged (powers not working, powers not showing up on enemy ship)
-Items being inaccessible (not leveling properly)
-Healing via Auto Assist bugged
-Keybind Targetting broken
-PvP Queues acting up, making it difficult to practice

We have postponed the PvP Tournament to the following date: Saturday August 6th @ 1:30 pm EST.

We felt that the game simply cannot be played in a competitive way with all of the above being broken and hope that 3 weeks will be enough time for the bugs to be sorted out. I realize there may be some issues with the above date due to people going on vacation, so it may change. More will be on that tournament later.

However, we donít want this weekend to go to waste, so we are willing to host a slightly different event in its place in addition to the postponed event at a later date, and it even takes advantage of one awesome feature new to season 4.

We call it the Organized PVP Community Event, and this is how itís going to work:

1. I am going to take all the @ handles of every player/team who sign up for this and throw them in a pool. Note: Any rogue individual players who could not get a team in for the last one are most welcome here!

2. I will roll in game for each individual that wants to play.

3. Hereís the twist Ė I will form random teams based on the rolls. So for example, lowest 5 rolls are matched together. Then the next 5 lowest are matched together and so on until everyone is on a team.

4. Teams will come up with a team name (do not have to join the same fleet however) and play against other random teams over 8 games.


1:30 pm EST Saturday July 16th

The Rules are mostly the same:
-No more than 3 of the same Captain Class
-8 games
-25 minute games

Restrictions include:
-No Scramble Sensors III
-No Mines, Scorpions, or Breen Torps
-No HarPengs

I need all @ Handles by 12 NOON EST Friday July 15th (preferably posted below in this topic for simplicity, though mail is fine as well). I then need a team name before 12 NOON EST Saturday July 16th. The teams will be posted publicly soon after the Friday deadline (I have to roll in game). I will edit a link right below when the spreadsheet is ready:

I will be making a new OPVP Tournament thread after this event is over for any questions or concerns.
If this is a success and people would want it, we are also talking about holding an escort only tournament (one of TSIís ideas) the following Saturday on July 23rd as wellÖbasically fun events until the game is fixed and we can have a real one.

So the schedule would look like this:

July 16th - OPVP Community Event
July 23rd - OPVP Escort Tournament
July 30th - *Week off*
August 6th - OPVP Tournament

Any questions or concerns, post below or feel free to mail me.

EDIT: Also, we have teamspeak that can hold up to three teams of 5. This can be bumped up if needed.

Archived Post 07-12-2011 09:27 AM

I see.

Bah.. ill have to resub then.. :p

Archived Post 07-12-2011 09:40 AM

wait so youre moving the opvp event date, then your holding an event anyways? is there any confirmation that the issue will be resolved by the 6th?

also, why is it you roll for everyone? why cant people roll for themselves in your presence?

i guess this means my player pool idea will have to wait event longer and the next tsi funday will be a couiple weeks after the 6th :/

Archived Post 07-12-2011 09:46 AM

This one is meant to be very casual and give people less incentive to cheat (despite most not doing so, when theres 100 people involved, theres a good chance someone might try to get away with something), and overall be of a lighter atmosphere so when powers dont work or you dont have the right gear, it's not that big of a deal.

There is no confirmation that it will be fixed by the 6th. However, at least it gives them time to do something about it. If its still not fixed by then, it may be a "deal with it" type of situation.

As for rolling in my presence, that might work but I would have to do it very early. My plan was to basically write in fleet chat:

Kharn: matteo
Kharn: *rolls #*
Kharn: Thamupp
Kharn: *rolls #*

Then screenshot it all. However, if you really want to roll for yourself, that is cool as well. Just let me know.

Also, I did not know you had a player pool event (if it's even the same thing). If you have something you want to run, you can do it in the two weeks in between if you like.

Archived Post 07-12-2011 10:07 AM

If I didn't have a bunch of poker tournaments on Saturdays this month, I'd participate. (STO & poker, my two great addictions.)

Archived Post 07-12-2011 10:18 AM

:( I see what happened here. I will sign up in protest. bit too late i guess now though

Archived Post 07-12-2011 01:51 PM

I understand you beagles, but really this suck.. its not like everyone can sort arrangements to the 6th of august.
And i've been rendering a movie to promote this event for 16hours+ and its canceled!'


/point @ cryptic, get it right and dont mess up things that do work please.

Archived Post 07-12-2011 01:57 PM

Yes I know it sucks, and if Aug 6th is a big problem (it is a hot time for vacation season), it can be changed. I didnt want to change it but the arguments against it were too strong.

Archived Post 07-12-2011 02:00 PM

It does suck... but I have to say I wasn't looking forward to something that turned into no fun... much more of that and Cryptic won't get a 30th chance to get it right. lol

Lets hope they make some progress, and at least fix things they had previously fixed.

Archived Post 07-12-2011 05:04 PM

I'd rather just go ahead with it on the 16th since it's close and I trust my fellow PvPers not to cheat. I also happen to work on the 6th and there's a good chance I won't be able to get that time off -- this might put several others in the same position as well. There's also every chance that those major issues could continue to persist past the 6th.

Throw me into the mix for the 16th funday event anyway. I'll go ahead and volunteer the LORE vent while I'm at it. We can hold up to 25 players, which would be 5 teams, although given that the vent still needs to be used for fleet functions, three or four teams is a more reasonable expectation.

Should be able to do the 23rd also. Time to dust off the BoP perhaps.

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