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Peace Treaty with Romulan Star Empire
I, Sub-Consul Jermbot of the Imperial Waste Reclamation and Disposal division of the Romulan Merchant Marines, speaking on behalf of all sane thinking Romulan citizens and the Legionaires Auxilary Chapter 346, have come to negotiate peace so that our two mighty empires can better direct our attention on the greater threats facing this Quadrant in the form of The Borg, the Undine, and the Iconians who at this very moment are taking over the Romulan Star Empire. The treaty below will outline the framework of peace between our people, please provide revisions for discussion below.

Point 1. The Romulan Star Empire will continue to send its political prisoners and other undesirables to the Azure Expanse in out dated or decommisioned war vessels with only enough equipment to man one or two bridge officer stations. We understand that the training of your military is important to you and there is little else to do in Klingon space but blast our unending waves of criminals out of the sky and we do value the strength, if not the sanity, of our new allies. In return, the Klingon Empire will forbid any ships from entering Romulan sectors for the moment, and if we so choose to open these sectors to Klingon forces, the Klingon captains will content themselves to do one repeatable featured episode continuing your exploits in the Cloaked Intentions mission arc, aswell as one or two pre-set sorties against around 6 predesignated targets to be decided later. Access to social zones will continue to be restricted to all captains.

Point 2. KvR battles will continue as "war games" held between Klingon captains and Romulan NPC's.

Point 3. You will continue to ask no questions and accept all Romulan recruits smart enough to indicate their race is "Alien" on your naval applications, no matter how obvious it is that they are actually Romulans. In return, those of us who choose to serve the KDF will do so while feeling smugly superior and snickering every time we hear a Klingon say the word 'honor' 'glory' or 'by Kahless' Beard!'

Point 4. Despite retrieving a large number of Thalaron weapons during the Cloaked Intentions operation, you will pledge not to use any of them. In return, we will promise not to point out the Har'pang Torpedo Debacle.

Point 5. When performing the last mission of the Cloaked Intentions mission arc you will always say, "Dang, that was cool." when Empress Sela's Scimitar class battle ship battle cloaks and then decloaks for a torpedo barrage. You will not notice how long it takes for the Iconians to tug her ship off into their portal.

Point 6. When it is revealed that the Romulan homeworld was not destroyed, but instead was cloaked and pulled into an alternate reality by the Iconians, you will at no point indicate that it was lame but instead will be required to believe it is a sorely needed correction to in game canon. In return we will lobby on your behalf for TOS "Augment Klingons" to be made available to the KDF as a playable race. Needless to say, I believe you are getting the better end of this deal.

Point 7. The Romulan Navy pledges to never ask for a Carrier class vessel, but will constantly request a ship with 'advanced battle cloak.' Once received we will then complain constantly until it is 'fixed.' At this point we will then start using Plasma Torpedoes again. At this time use of 'advanced battle cloaking' Romulan raiders will be granted only to Tal'Shiar operatives. At this time membership in the Tal'Shiar will be limited to NPC's.

Point 8. Plasma Torpedo technology will be shared freely with the KDF, take this as a gift as most sane Romulan captains have switched to Quantum Torpedoes anyway. (And seriously, is it too much to ask for an option to make High Yield Torpedoes with Plasma torps follow the standard formula?)

Point 9. The Romulan Star Empire will continue to make unlimited numbers of scorpion fighters available to both factions for the asking so that they can always be used as a counter argument to Federation Carrier requests.

Point 10. The Romulan Empire will continue to act as if Klingon demands for more cosmetic outfits and ship skins should take precedence over the introduction of our Faction because "Klingons aren't there yet."

Points one through three are nonegotiable in the most literal sense of the word. Points eight through ten represent obligations taken on by the Romulan Star Empire willingly and with no expectation of recompense. Of the points that remain, I trust all parties involved will find the compromises and exchanges I offer to be reasonable and in the best interests of all.

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Love point 7, now if only that was said for feds as well...

Archived Post 07-15-2011 02:46 PM

Yeah, don't tell anyone but I'm not sure how enforceable that one is. I honestly expect about a month after faction introduction before someone points out that the Scimitar launched fighters...

Archived Post 07-15-2011 06:33 PM

No right thinking Klingon would trust the Romulans. :P

Archived Post 07-15-2011 07:05 PM

My Undine Infiltra.... Klingon Intelligence Officer thinks this poster is a romulan colaborater (sp?) :O

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Originally Posted by MinosOne
No right thinking Klingon would trust the Romulans. :P

I will have you know five great houses of the KDF, who will remain nameless and I may possibly have just made up on the spot, are in support of peace.


Originally Posted by P_Sutherland
My Undine Infiltra.... Klingon Intelligence Officer thinks this poster is a romulan colaborater (sp?) :O

I'm afraid, according to Article One, Point 3 of the Waste Reclamation Accord, you are not permitted to ask that question nor am I permitted to answer.

Archived Post 07-16-2011 01:46 AM

This thread wins the Forums.

/cookie :D

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Peace? With treacherous and cowardly Romulan Pet'aQs? IN A TARG"S EYE! (how ever the heck you curse that in Klingonese) :mad:

Archived Post 07-16-2011 05:00 AM

While I can understand the offer, and the Klingons and Romulans have been allied twice before, once during 2250-60 or there about, and again during the Dominion War, I doubt there will be further alliances or peace treaties between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

Basically, Romulans and Klingons just love to fight each other too much.

That said I agree with all Clauses except Clause 6. Sorry. I do believe the wreckage of your homeworld is quite convincing.

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Originally Posted by Jermbot (Post 3645695)
... of the Romulan Merchant ...

We do not quabble with Merchants, we are Klingons, we CONQUER!

Surrender and be prepared to be boarded and if you whimper like a Ferengie, we might let you life!

Long life the Empire :D

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