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Fanfic- Parallel Universe STO
This branches off during the S.S. Azura Mission (A.K.A. Stranded in Space). I haven't gotten that far and want criticism.


My career had hit the big time. I was captain of the USS Sarek and I had a loyal crew! Then I made a mistake that cost me everything. I was sent to ivestigate the dissapearence of the S.S. Azura. I made it but I let the Orions destroy it. That mistake was the last I made in Starfleet. All hands lost on the Azura, no one made it out alive. I was court-martialed for it. Admiral Quinn who had seen the best no longer respected me and I was reduced back to Ensign. The new captain was a war-monger. I was in Admiral Quinn's office the next day. "This is targ manure!" I screamed. "Now Michael, I understand that you are angry but I can't just forget the Azura incident" Quinn said. "But reducing me back to Ensign?" I asked. "That's what happens ok?" Admiral Quinn said. "No, its not". I ripped off my pip, combadge and phaser and slammed them onto his desk. "Just remember we'll keep a spot open for you" Admiral Quinn said. I walked out and took a shuttle home to earth.
That was two years ago. Now I just hang around earth. But today I got a call from Quinn. "Is that so?" I asked. "Yes the Sarek dissapeared last week and we need its old captain to find it. "Well, what do I get in return?" "You'll get a whole ship fully stocked with a crew ready to work" "Ok, so re-promotion, a new ship and a new crew?" "Yes" "What class?" "It's an Shi'kahr-class, called the Tiberius" "Ok". "You leave dock tomorrow, get ready". "Ok, I will, Admiral".
I was arriving by shuttle. When I got there everyone saluted me. I was told by them that they were all re-assigned from the constitution class Montgomery. Their old captain was Nitro James Kirk but he was promoted to admiral and left. After re-assignment they waited for a captain. The senior officers Jesse, Theno, Talassa and K'Gunak were my basic away team. I sat in the captain's chair and said for the first time in two years "Plot a course for the transwarp hub to Gamma Orionis". "Aye sir, plotting the course now" Theno said. "Rear-Admiral Koros K'Lann, cant even handle a simple mission to Gamma Orionis" I said. "Sir, we are entering in T-Minus five seconds" Theno said. "Punch it!" I yellled. "Captain theres a hail coming in" said Talassa. "On-screen" I said. It was my old crew and a few borg. "HELP US" screamed Osol my vulcan tactical officer from the Sarek. "It's another Khitomer! Jesse take the bridge, K'Gunak and Theno c'mon!" I said.
We beamed over. We got throught to the bridge unharmed as we all knew how to handle the Borg. They were different than the ones on the U.S.S. Khitomer. Then I got there and I saw it. My former main science officer , Slan was a Borg drone. I shot and killed him. There was no way I could save him. Same for Tratnig, Osol and Reer. Then I made my way to the transporter room meeting up with Ryan, Sonak, Shrol and Wohtt. We beamed back to our ship but instead we were sent to a Borg Cube.....

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