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Archived Post 07-18-2011 03:56 AM

=/\= Renegade Alliance [MWM] =/\=
Hi all,

Renegade Alliance [MWM] is now recruiting for more members, we have got both active Federation and Klingon members who are online during EU and USA times.

We are a close-knit social fleet with a wealth of experience which focuses on several STF missions a week(Fed and Klingon), PVP and running missions for loot and fun. We are looking for experienced or rookie members to join the fleet and have some fun. We also like to team up with our lower level members to help them on missions and do things as a group. We are currently looking for all professions (Tactical, Engineer and Science). We don't have the rank restrictions etc that other fleets do, everyone within Renegade Alliance is treated as an equal.

We have our own private TS3 server and in game chat channel which we use heavily.

Also alot of our members have been around since Open Beta, so they have a wealth of knowledge regarding the game etc.

If you require further information send a recruitment officer a mail in game or send us a private message through the forums.


The type of players we are looking for are -

-> Active within the EU and USA Time zone.
-> Helpfull and Social
-> Good Teamworker
-> Willing to be part of the fleet
-> Mature

If you wish to apply to our fleet sign up to our forums using the links below -

Home Page + Forum Sign up -
Star Trek Division Recruitment Page -

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Archived Post 07-18-2011 08:17 AM

Thanks Kat for that additional Info that I missed.

We are indeed very experienced with the STF's and we run regular groups for these to have a bit of fun and also so people within our fleet can obtain the borg set.

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Morning Everyone.

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Morning Folks,

Just a reminder if your looking for a nice friendly, social fleet check out our website and if you interestedplease apply, all level of members welcome, we don't have many rules and we don't believe in divisions, everyone is treated as an equal and we have fun basically.

Website -

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Archived Post 07-22-2011 05:44 AM

How everyone enjoying the new StarFleet academy map and changes to the crafting system??

We're still recruiting members who want to join a mature social fleet to have some fun leveling, STF runs etc.

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Nothing to add

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