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basic ship builds?
I know there are new players and even some older ones that might like to see some basic ship builds.
It may help out some people as I haven't seen any builds really that could help people out as they look
for builds themselves. This is not about "End Game" builds however. It would be my hope that this
type of a basic build post would be beneficial to the community as a whole or even in general. If this is
liked enough, I'll figure out and post a couple basic builds for each ship class.

If people would like to see more like this, please let me know.

Here is an example build of how I'd post it.

This is for a Tier 4 basic build. All skills are available via the Power Store.

Cruiser - Captain(Science/any) Role(Healer)
Cdr Eng : EPtS 1, Extend Shields 1, Aux SiF 2, Aceton Field 2
Lt Eng : Eng Team 1, RSP 1
Lt Tac : Beam FaW 1, AP Delta 1
Lt Sci : Sci Team 1, HE 2

Weapons Fore : DBB, BA, BA, Torp
Weapons Aft : BA, BA, BA, Torp
Suggested Beams : Phaser, Tetryon
Suggested Torps : Chroniton(Slow)

Deflector : Deflector Array (em, hs, or sen)
Engine : Combat Impulse (turn or aux)
Shield : Covariant (cap)

Eng console : SIF Generator, EPS Flow Regulator, Polyduranium Alloy
Tac console : Directed Energy Distribution Manifold, Phaser Relay
Sci console : Halon System, Induction Stabilizer

Base Power Level : 25/75/25/75
alternates : 50/75/25/50 (Defensive), 100/50/25/25 (Offensive)

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So you like to see archetypes...
Probably when and if STO goes ever free to play.
Those archetypes will be the only options you have then, if you don't want to sub.

Archived Post 07-19-2011 02:28 PM

not necessarily archetypes, more like basic examples that people can be work towards.

Archived Post 07-19-2011 04:05 PM

Such things exist already, but it's not like every power, console, weapon and piece of equipment is mapped out for them. It's really a culmination of a couple of ideas and how the games works.

Instead of a carefully constructed build that is copied across tons of players, we instead have a great number of individual builds that perform similar roles with similar tools. These builds are built around only a few powers, sort of the "winning combo" for the builds, and the most successful ones are the ones that have two or more of these combinations of powers, that allow a certain amount of flexibility within these "archetypes".

So what we have are the "what works well" builds, like a "Harasser" build, which is built around Speed Debuffs (Replusor/Tractor Beams, Gravity Well), and Power Debuffs (Tyken's Rift, Target Subsystem), or a "Disabler" build, built around shield drains/Phaser Proc/Target Shields and Photonic Shockwave. It's not that these builds are the archetypes, but the powers that lie at the core of the build.

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Originally Posted by breygorn (Post 3650908)
Base Power Level : 25/75/25/75
alternates : 50/75/25/50 (Defensive), 100/50/25/25 (Offensive)

Why the heck are your shield ratings so high with a Covariant!? They should be as low as you can get them, and you should be cranking the excess in to Weapons or Aux. :eek:

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