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The 77th Empire of Fleets Welcomes You
If youíre interested in joining a fleet in the Star Trek Online Universe donít let this opportunity slip you by. The 77th welcomes you to our many ranks. If youíre wondering why join the 77th. I got the answers for you!

The 77th Empire of Fleets is a rapidly growing multiple fleet empire with allegiances with a number of other fleets in the Star Trek Online Universe. The 77th Empire of Fleets itself consists of 4 main fleets, The 77th, The 77th Task Force, The 77th Fighter Squadron and The 77th KDF. The best thing about The 77th Empire of Fleets is that youíre free to do as you please and you will not be ordered to do anything unlike most other fleets.

We do everything you could be looking for in a fleet. We do PvP and STFs on a regular basis (We are working on new tactics since the launch of Season Four). We have a huge knowledge of the game. You got questions we got answers. If you are new to the game come join us. We love to help new members level up. If you need help with a mission thereís always someone willing to help.

We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate with other fleet members and we also have a website ( Teamspeak 3 is free software that allows voice chat between fleet members and it can be downloaded at Itís much better then Star Trek Onlineís voice chat. Our teamspeak address is

All you got to do is send a private message to either:


We have 3 Simple rules in 77th:

1. We all use teamspeak
2. When you join all your toons must join. (You canít be in multiple fleets)
3. We do not tolerate racism and rude behaviour

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Umm, there is a Fleet section in the forums... :)

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Dude starbase one lol

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