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Archived Post 07-21-2011 12:44 PM

Klingon academy and uniform
Just on the off chance i missed it, any pics of these going round for the new klingon academy and/or the uniform?

if not any chance of a pic please? we had a SFA and uni several weeks ago, so we must be due some klingon pics?

Archived Post 07-21-2011 03:29 PM

Matt just posted the uniform on twitter so that's one down :-)

Archived Post 07-22-2011 09:28 PM

Academy and Gorn cadet (still a work in progress, but looking epic already!)

Another shot of the uniform.

Archived Post 07-22-2011 09:36 PM

Wow... The academy looks pretty epic!

Archived Post 07-22-2011 10:40 PM

For the Glory of the Umpire! :-)

Amazing work. I will buy that uniform if need be and I want that uniform and those castle assets in the Foundry. :-)

Archived Post 07-22-2011 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by Leviathan99
For the Glory of the Umpire! :-)

Strike Three! You're out! :D

Archived Post 07-22-2011 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by mhighison (Post 3658858)
Another shot of the uniform.

How soon til we see the female version? Will be finally see a skirt?

Archived Post 07-22-2011 11:20 PM

Is it my imagination, or is that the crest of the House of Martok on those flags?

Archived Post 07-22-2011 11:24 PM

so how inspired by the video game of same name will Klingon academy be? I know it can hardly be a record but I'd dearly love to see SOME sort of quiet homage

Archived Post 07-22-2011 11:39 PM

thanks for the update. looks brilliant. old klingon brickwork for the win.

i really hope their is a place for the rite of ascension where they smack you with painsticks. :D

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