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Archived Post 07-23-2011 11:28 AM

negh'var beams or cannons ??
Hi All

I just hit BG1 and got myself a nice negh'var, whats your imput for weapons loadout?

At present i have on front 2x DHC 1xDBB and quantom torp and 4 turrest in the aft.

I tried a pure beam boat on my T4 and the power drain was just silly, so guys how do you KDF players kit out your T5? any builds would also be helpful :)

Thanks in advance for any response.


Archived Post 07-23-2011 03:34 PM

You should be ok with cannons as long as you have Aux to Damp (probably want 2 copies) to increase turn rate. I did that on my Neg and it worked fine.

Archived Post 07-23-2011 03:42 PM

Beams, always. Anyone with a shred of understanding of how this game works will tell you the same thing. Also, taking Aux2Damp instead of Aux2SIF in a cruiser is terrible.

Archived Post 07-23-2011 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by hurleybird (Post 3660014)
Beams, always. Anyone with a shred of understanding of how this game works will tell you the same thing. Also, taking Aux2Damp instead of Aux2ID in a cruiser is terrible.

He means instead of Aux2SIF:D. But he's right if you are talking about serious team play. Cannons in this thing (not to mention the 2 wasted slots for Aux2ID) is just silly unless you are farting around.

Archived Post 07-23-2011 08:53 PM

PvE - Sure, cannons are fine.
PvP - If you want to use cannons, I'd suggest using the vorcha refit. Much better turnrate and more tactically focused.

Archived Post 07-23-2011 11:44 PM

You should try and see which fits you the best.

Beams have a nice all-around coverage, while DHC + Turret configuration dishes out some serious firepower with a weak 270 degree arc. I personally use a 4 Beam + 3 DHC + 1 Tricobalt configuration on my Negh'var that seems to be a nice balance.

Archived Post 07-24-2011 03:36 AM

To get the Negh'var to behave well with dual cannons I sacrificed so much of it's cruiseryness to get it to turn that I didn't enjoy it much. One thing I do plan to try is single cannons however. If it works for an Excelsior, a Negh'var should be able to pull that build off.

Archived Post 07-24-2011 08:38 AM

a single cannon/turret build would work quite well with one of these, maybe even better then beams, its turn rate is even better then the excelsior's. only has access to 1 cannon tactical power though, same with vorcha.

on my vorcha and negvar i swap between duel cannons with single cannons depending on the situation, something fed cruisers cant do. if there's a lot of escorts around single cannons all the way, but if your facing other cruisers you can easily keep them in your duel cannon arc with just 1 turn rate console and be dealing the most damage.

i suggest 2 copies of DEM II, 2 copies of EPtS2 and EPtW1, aux2struc3, ET1, TT1, CRF1, ST1 and TSS2. lots of tanking and lots of damage. your score board numbers might not be as high as a beam user, but your damage will be having more of an effect.

if your in a vorcha instead of a negvar, you lose your ET 1 so replace ST1 with HE 1, believe it or not if you keep your aux mid level or have aux batteries that's all the heals you will need. have a forward torp and use HY1 in the extra tac station. even in a cruiser you are able to drop shield facing, often your opponent wont expect you to burst like that and be slow to counter, a slow photon HY should land right around that time a hole opens up.

Archived Post 07-24-2011 10:16 AM

I just tested the following on Tribble:

Front: DBB, Single Cannon X 2, Tricobalt
Rear: Turret X 4
Borg Engine
Borg Deflector
Reman Shield
Neutronium armour, EPS console, Field Generator (+35% shields) and RCS accelerator
Halon and Borg console
Prefire chamber X 3

Ensign Tactical: BO1 and CRF1
Ensign Engineering: Eng Team1
Lt Cmdr Engineering: Emergency to shields 1, Aux2ID 1, Dem2
Cmdr Engineering: Emergency to shields 1, Aux2ID 1, Dem2, RSP3
Lt Science: Science team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

It seemed pretty good, although I've yet to use it on other players. I think swapping one of the rear turrets for an array would be an improvement because the Overload could be thrown in any direction then. Also I might change Science Team for Transfer Shield Strength. ES3 instead of RSP would improve it's ability to support other ships too, at cost of self survivability, it'd probably be worth having that on the Lt Cmdr officer, and swapping the two as the situation dictates.

Sacrificing the Eng team on a Vor'cha would allow tac team, or a second overload, or HYT and a more traditional torp, probably quantum, though generally quantum's need speccing as well as anything else.

I was using this build as a tactical officer, so the cooldown was reduced for a lot of powers due to tactical initiative. But doubling up on some of the powers is still worth it.

Archived Post 07-24-2011 02:27 PM

Beams Beams and more Beams!

I role 2 beam banks an array and torp fore, and 3 beams, torp aft. Works great. Weapon drain is not that bad, set to 100 and you'll do fine. If you're and Eng you've got eps and nadion. If not, cycle some power to weapons 1.

For PvE bring a high yield and FaW2. For PvP bring high yield and delta 1. And HEAL ! Heal man HEAL! More healz to the team!

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