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Returning player needing help (Vice admiral)
Hello !

I just returned to STO after quitting around the middle of season 2 and am confused :(

The game looks really good and i enjoyed walking around the academy :D. On my way there i saw some ships with borg tech sticking out of them :eek: ! How do i acquire this ? Also will my borg bridge officer stage a coup if get some borg tech ;) ?

Im happy with my ships and my captains skills ! Are there any new officer abilities ?

As a new vice admiral where do i obtain gear(PVE)?

Im in a ship with all green rear admiral upper half gear. ( deep space science vessel )
1.5mil energy credits . 50k star fleet merit
Medal of excel 235 , Emblems 54 , Badges of exploration 5th 75, Mark of exploration 5

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Craft the gear.

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Hi Joseph,

The borg equipments are a "set." You get it from doing a borg mission (assimilation) and the three borg STFs.

The Special Task Force missions are tougher, and you have to do it with a team (5 max, 5 recommended). Currently people just announce in zone chat to find teams.

But the ground portions of the STFs are pretty tough, make sure you get some nice equipment and a borg modulator before attempting.

Good luck and have fun!

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Was there ever a use found for the blue particles found through scanning?

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Originally Posted by Joseph_B
Was there ever a use found for the blue particles found through scanning?

Yes. The Rare Particle Traces are now used in crafting higher end (quality) equipment. At the high end of the sake. You can craft the Aegis Gear set (ship equipment) EAch piece is nice, but when you have more then 1 equipped you get abonus effects (Defense and a stacking resistance buff).

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The Aegis set looks like something from Tron while the Borg set makes your ship have Borg equipment. There is also the Breen set from the Deferi series which seems to only give a different impulse trail and the Reman shield from the new romulan series. The Borg and Breen sets have a special power for using all of the set.

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