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Archived Post 07-29-2011 04:34 PM

Armor Use?
So, I have another question for the community-

I’ve recently changed out my engineering consoles. I removed a “Ablative Hull” and “Plasma Distribution Manifold” and replaced them with dual “Neutronium Alloy” consoles.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this or something similar. I have a “Monotanium” and the other three more specialized armor consoles but don’t use that combo often. Mostly because I’m lazy and find that I can switch to PVP and normal sector missions with the “Neutronium” and not freak out too much.

Last, does anyone fly an escort with the borg set + aegis shields? I’ve switch to this load out since season 4 and found that it is a bit more viable on elite settings and PVP.


Archived Post 07-29-2011 05:12 PM

I juse use neutronium because i like to be prepared against "anything".

Archived Post 07-29-2011 05:16 PM

I also use dual neutronium (on a cruiser), for the same reason as above. If it's normal PvE I might switch one out for an RCS console just to make turning faster.

I run the full Borg, but 3-Borg + Aegis is a popular (and good) choice as well.

Archived Post 07-29-2011 05:33 PM

I have to make a quick correction with my original post.

I use to run the borg set with aegis shields. But after season 4 I switched to a borg set with aegis deflector. The covariant aegis shields were not cutting it quite as well and with my engineer and BO being so shield buff heavy, I haven’t had to worry about the shields going down as much; combined with the borg shields coming back up much quicker.

Archived Post 07-29-2011 06:01 PM

Depends on your ship type. With my Star Cruiser I run:

1x Neutronium
1x Shield Cap

and situationally the other two spots hold any combination of:

2x Plasma Dist. Manafolds (vs PUGS or low-moderate DPS premades)
1x SIF Generator (if I need the extra healing on ET)
1x Shield Regen (used when I run the Borg shields against low-moderate DPS teams)
1x Neutronium (vs shield strip builds where my hull is normally exposed and debuffed most of the game)

A single Neutronium console puts my SC at 22% hull resist, a second at 30%. I also carry Aux to SIF 3 in my heal build which will cap myself regardless of whether or not I have 2 armor consoles. Armor does help, but 1 is usually sufficient for a good pilot with a supporting team. 2 is the most I'll ever run, any more and the costs outweigh the benefits.

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