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Archived Post 07-30-2011 04:16 PM

Dreading the Borg
As my time on the Cardassian front comes to a close I get this sick feeling in my stomach knowing I will be taking on the Borg next. In reading the comments I have figured out they are a real buzzkill. Any tips, sugggestions, and item suggestions people might have to keep the assimilation to a minimum would be appreciated.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 04:29 PM

Shotguns, stun weapons, and lots of sci aoe. Don't use high rate of fire weapons, you want burst damage on the borg due to adaption. Ghostbuster rifle, Split beam, Sniper, compression pistol and tos hand phasers will win the day.

Don't forget your remodulator.

You'll be fine. It is still PvE after all.

In space?: Hazard emitters and tac team and you've just shut down the only real threat the borg are capable of.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 04:31 PM

The Borg are weak, donīt worry. Most of them will be dead by the time you have to remodulate your weapon.

Just make sure you and your Boffs all use different kinds of energy weapons and your whole away team has a remodulator. There are six energy types, which is perfect. Engineer turrets use phasers/disruptors (fed/kdf), so the rest is for you and your team. :)

Archived Post 07-30-2011 04:38 PM

The biggest issue is their adpation ability. AFter a certain amount of hits, they adapt to the weapon damage type you are using (or anyone or anything else). You use the Frequency Modulations device (available from your shis Replicator) to clear the adaption. So use two different weapon damage types for your Captain. And to minimize the the numbef of times they adapt, use high burst damage type weapons. That means no Mini-Guns as cool a they are. Also AoE effect of various weapons also count towards numbers of hits. I've found Sniper Rifles, high Density Rifles, Pulswave Rifles and Split Beam Rifles work well in. Grenade Launchers work nice as well.

To avoid assimilation keep the Borg out of melee range. So keep the Borg at range. Use Roots, Holds and Sleeps to keep the Borg under Control (i.e. Gravimetric Shift, Stasis Field, Anehtizine Gas, etc). So weaposn thta down knockack and knock down are good as well, High Density And Pulsewave Rifles for example). If you must melee, keep Nanite Health Monitor at the ready. That will clear the Assimilation debuff which would lead to you getting Assimiated at 25% of health.

I acutally find the Borg easier in ground combat now. But you have to be on your toes. An encounter can quiickly turn around before you expect it. HAving 1/2 of your Away Team shooting at your is no fun.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 05:08 PM

Just learn every time you encounter them. After a while you figure out what works for you. Thatís how I did it. It doesn't hurt to train yourself on "Elite Setting" with lower level opponents to train yourself up. You also can get some good swag doing this and post it on the exchange.

Also, Craft. I canít emphasize this enough. Crafting allows you to access high value equipment which will make things a lot easier.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 05:13 PM

Unfortunately, unless you are doing STF's which are designed to be more difficult (and even then people have found them easier since Season 4), the Borg are a joke. It's a shame too, because they could have been such an interesting and challenging enemy. On the ground they did a decent job with them adapting to weapons fire and remodulating. But in Space there are so many Cubes they are treated like any other generic trash mob. After a couple of fights you don't even care anymore, much less fear them.

The ground changes gave me some hope, but I'd really like to feel that sense of dread that is unfortunately lacking.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 05:50 PM

Season 4 made them easier, just keep your distance and keep firing. Carry two different weapon types and give all your BO's re-modulators. I like to have to medics with all Tricorder heals plus Nanite Health Monitor, along with one Engineer with all Shield Heals and one Tac with all Photon Grenade and Overwatch III.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 07:24 PM

Playing through a new character under S4, I have to say the Cardassians and a close second the Devidians are the worst enemies I ran into. Worst thing about the Borg are shield nullifiers. If you're not in a cruiser, they can mess you up.

There's a lot of Undine in the Borg missions, too. They're actually pretty easy now. No shields, so grenades and mines tear them up.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 07:27 PM

Honestly... I find that besides certain situations a good Melee Weapon works fine. Just give your crew remodulators. It is annoying how the Borg can be Adapted BEFORE you ever fire a single shot but they never adapt to a good old fashioned butt whoopin' with a blade.

Oh... Nanite Health Moniter is a must...

And one last thing: CRM get it, use it, love it... Borg are so sssslooooooow.

Archived Post 07-30-2011 07:30 PM

Replicate frequency remodulators for yourself and ALL BOffs.

Don't rely heavily on AoEs. They may have high damage, but it typically only takes 1 AoE blast for the Borg to adapt.

Don't let them touch you.

Bring debuff removal. Anything that cures Assimilation, that'll be a pain at times.

High DPV weapons are preferable.

BRING A MELEE WEAPON. They can't adapt to having their heads cut off.

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