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Archived Post 08-01-2011 02:10 PM

N00b Fleet Question
Sup fellow fiends, friends and fellatives,

Just a quick question. I recently started playing STO two days ago and I wanna do the 'Starbase 24' mission, but it says it requires a fleet of (5 min) to play. So my question(s) are how to I created a fleet (1)? And is there a place i can go to find others who wanna complete the same mission (2)? Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.


Archived Post 08-01-2011 02:20 PM

You should be able to go in through the PVE que unless there is not enough people in any instance. In which case you might try forming a team although that should not be necessary. Broadcast in Zone chat, if its working, that more are need for starbase 24. That might work....maybe. Or it could be that it is one of those...*sigh*...bugs from season 4. In which case ... Good Luck.

Archived Post 08-01-2011 02:23 PM

Starbase 24 that was the que system you are talking about which requires at lease 5 to do at your level and there is a fleet make NPC at ESD and he is near the Power store part of the station.

Archived Post 08-01-2011 02:28 PM

You don't have to be in a fleet to do the mission though. You just need the people at your level.

Archived Post 08-01-2011 02:36 PM

You don't actually need to join a fleet to play the mission. You just need 5 people, and these 5 people don't have to belong to a fleet either. So, you can ask in zone if anyone else at your rank wants to do the mission, and then team up. After you are teamed, you can que up and start the mission. Your other alternative is to just que up by yourself, and wait for 4 more people to que up.

EDIT: People have to be the same, though. You can only play with other Lieutenants (can be any lieutenant level 1-10). If you are LtCmdr, then you can only play that mission with other LtCmdrs.

Archived Post 08-01-2011 03:50 PM

I think there is a glitch with that mission. After we kill on the baddies, we can't beam down to the bloody starbase. So freak'n annoying. I tried doing the mission twice and no one was able to get in there. Damn...irratating.

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