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Archived Post 08-02-2011 06:11 PM

Newbie(?) Tactical, what ship next. almost LT-Com
Currently just hit LT-8. as I approach LT-Com I am seeking advice on which ship I should spend My ship token on. Since reading about this game and finally buying it. I have seeked out a full Tactical build for my character.

What LT-Com ship has the most damage potential ie weapon slots/turn speed etc. I cant make any c-store purchases due to wife faction so any of those are out. I don't want to get the wrong ship. I dont care about what it looks like I want function!


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Top damage potential goes to the escort. Escorts don't have as many weapons as cruisers, but they can use dual and dual heavy cannons, a bonus to weapon power, and tactical focused boff stations. Cruisers aren't slouches, a tac officer in a cruiser is can still be a major damage threat, but it's more of a sustained damage output, escorts put out big fight-ending bursts of damage.

No C-store ships to worry about until Admiral, and aside from the Galaxy-X, they're all available in-game, though the grind can be pretty daunting (just under a month IF you maximize your grind, more like 6-10 weeks if you're dedicated but just won't be bothered with certain things). If you stick to escorts, the MVAM is the only thing you can't get for free. Cruiser wise, your best bet for damage output is the Excelsior, which you can't get for free - it's either cash or grind. It's on marks of exploration, so it's a slightly easier grind than MVAM, but it's still a 500 mark grind.

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Hevach has the just of things. Escorts are high burst damage, fast, but fragile. ("Float like a butterfly and sting like a (nuclear powered) bee.") Cruisers are big, strong, beefy (and sluggish), but give as well as they can take it. (More of a Rocky Balboa type, if you'll forgive the boxer references).

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Rule of thumb, no matter the class (and +1 to the above posters) is that - perhaps unlike WoW - any type of ship can be made effective with any careeer path.

Another popular reversal of roles is the Science officer flying an Escort, which is reputed to be lethal in the right hands.

Go with what you're comfortable with, and you cannot really go wrong. :)

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thanks all you helped me make my decision :-)

Archived Post 08-02-2011 09:26 PM

heh yes, Sci / Escort is deadly, mine im finding out, is a bit better then my tac/escort atm. Although i just swapped my sci back to the fleet escort. The sci seems to wipe groups faster and with more easee than my tac in the defiant refit. She is just as nasty on ground, i can 1 shot mobs too :p Just not as much as the tac, but i live longer.

But as he is asking, a tac belongs in an escort. If i need 1 tac to fill out a STF, i make sure i say tac / escort. But at same time, a tac in the Excel refit can be fun, but find it easy mode. Just please dont shove all turrets on it. :eek:

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going escort with the hardest hitting weapons i can duct tape to her. i just love pounding the shields so I can lob torps and see that hull drop like a rock.

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Originally Posted by Engraverwilliam (Post 3679713)
going escort with the hardest hitting weapons i can duct tape to her. i just love pounding the shields so I can lob torps and see that hull drop like a rock.

hehe, your gonna love later escorts, with multiple cannons and the rapid fire skills

Archived Post 08-10-2011 05:13 PM

Ok I hit Lt-Comm today go me! :-)

I used my ship token for the escort (U.S.S. HERMES) and bought a Cruiser (U.S.S. MARGARET)

So that I can try both!

loving this game more and more.
Fleet actions are so much fun!

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