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Archived Post 08-05-2011 10:46 AM

Keybind File?
I use F12 as my VOIP PTT key in everything (I've conditionally bound a mouse button to execute the F12 keystroke in particular applications), however, in STO F12 opens up the HUD customization and there appears to be no way to rebind that function off of the F12 key.

I was hoping I could just manually edit the keybinds in one of the files inside of the game directory with Notepad++ but I haven't been able to locate any file which contains keybinds.

Does anyone know where this file is and what the name of it is?

Archived Post 08-06-2011 10:42 PM

Once unbound, the Rearange HUD feature cannot be rebound to anything unless you go back to defaults and leave it at F12. This has been a reported issue (by me and many others) since Open Beta...

I have inquired whether or not there is a command line we can add to our .txt files (explained below) to bind Rearange HUD to something else, alas I have never been answered.

However, for your other inquiries:

In chat:

/bind_save_file typeAname.txt

Do this on each of your key settings (open Options>Keybinds, set to Space, save the file. Repeat for both ground types - there isn't a universal keybind file for all three).

Now open up your STO installation directory and you'll see the three files there. No need to exit the game to edit them. Once you've edited them, you can then type in chat:

bind_load_file typeAname.txt

Be sure to use a different name for each setting (space and both grounds) or you'll just override the prior save.

Also, a smooth tip for loading the files: First go into the Options>Keybinds and then the mode you are loading (space or either ground) then press Default to set all keys back to default for that mode. Then type:

/bind_load_file typeAname.txt

Do this for each and you should have a smooth loading of the files.

Sometimes, when loading the default values and saved values get jumbled up and you end up with a keybind setting you didn't set up. Going to default and then loading from the text file you saved fixes it.

Also, when you save the files, any unbound keys are set with a value of ("null"). You'll want to go through the file and change all those to (" ") or else when you press the unbound key, you'll get a Null Error in system chat. Annoying.

Something like HTML-Kit works great as you can set it to Find All Instances of ("null") and have it replaced with (" ") with one stroke. Don't forget to put a space between the quotes.

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