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Archived Post 08-09-2011 01:35 PM

science player
If I want to be all science, ship and all. What is the better species and what traits should I pick when creating my character.

Archived Post 08-09-2011 02:20 PM

One option for you would be to pick a Joined Trill and to select the Astrophysicist trait. This would give a very large boost to the skills that, in space, science depends the most on.

* Joined Symbiote
* Innate
o +3.3 Starship Energy Weapons Training
o +3.3 Starship Projectile Weapons Training
o +3.3 Starship Warp Core Training
o +3.3 Starship Engineering Training
o +6.7 Starship Operations Training

* Astrophysicist
* Innate
o +10 Starship Operations Training
Space Trait. Improves your operations stat, which enhances ship deflector, emitter and sensors abilities.

The Joined Trill, however, is a C-Store purchase. Of course, there are many other possibilities. For example, selecting an Alien for your player species and only selecting the space traits that would maximize your science ship's effectiveness. However, this approach would take away from ground passive abilities. For further reading, I suggest

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