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OPVP Tournament Signups and Rules.
*OrganizedPVP SPACE TOURNAMENT with Mojoradio

/channel_join OrganizedPVP
__________________________________________________ ____
  1. 1) Bridge officer, ships and Item restrictions.
  2. Maximum 3 Carriers to limit spam (faw removed).
    3 Kar'fi
    2 Karfi' 1 Vo'Que
    2 Vo'Que
  3. No Scramble sensors III
  4. No Fire At Will, Broken, still sorry.
  5. No MINES Because Faw is removed
  6. No Breen Torpedoes. Because Faw is removed
  7. No Scorpion Fighters. Because Faw is removed
  8. No Harping Torpedos. Because its boring.
  9. No Torpedo spread.
  10. No KDF and FED console. Isometric Charge. Antimatter Spread.

Additional Rule:: You can allow or disallow any of the above skills, for example you want faw on both teams or no scramble sensors. Please screenshot any agreements. To make it totaly clear.

Mines, Breen torps and Scorpion Fighters, are banned in aired matches.

2,) We reserve the right to the change the rules after a patch from cryptic.
a) If a match need to be restarted because loss of a player or other unforeseen events it must happen before 30 minutes or upto both of the team captains.
b) When using a restart, kills and deaths will carry forward, (if score is 5 to 0 and a restart was used, it is up to teams to realise that the score is still 5 to 0 even though it says 0 to 0.)
c) If you have illegal team set up or Bridge officer powers or ship composition then the match can be restarted using up one of the 3 restarts.

4.) a) Game time limit 2hours for the aired game otherwise there is no time limits,
b) 15 Kill count. This is the default.
c) Your team plays two games per round*/week.
d) Best out of three for non-aired matches, to make teams being able to use their substitutes and give them a chance to play.

5) Stats: winning team upload or give URL on a forum, to the winning pictures.

6) If you are caught using things that cryptic didnít intend. known exploits. then the team will forfeit the match for a loss, and the player will be banned from the tournament.

7) a) Won games give 3 points, tie 2 point show up and fight and loss are 1 points. Donít show up during that week 0 points.

Please atleast make arrangements or say to the other team that you can't come that round*.
b) You win by default if the other team doesnít show up.

We aren't going to give default wins unless teams are really not showing up ingame anymore or even trying to make the games happen.

8) Tie Breakers are as follows; if there is a tie for seeding, it will be based on regular season match up, winner gets the higher seed. But if there is a tie for final spot in tournament there will be a sudden death match up for final spots.

More on this later but we are looking for a 6team Playoff/ Tournament where the two highest seeding teams score first round byes and 3team plays vs team6 and team 4 play vs team 5.

Team sign up rules.
__________________________________________________ ____

1) 5 Man teams. 3 of one captain type.

2) Sign up as a team, fleet doesnít matter.

3) Sign up as a @handle, and name the team captain.

4) Substitutes is a a player whos @handle is not already on a team can be picked for your team, but then he/she @handle will be locked to that team for the entire season.

5) You are allowed to swap characters for other characters with the same @handles or get substitutes in to your team, but you must follow the Team signup rule 1.

6) You are allowed to switch factions between your opponents. if your Team is playing QEW as FED you have to play game two and three vs them as fed, but later if your playing another team you can change faction.

7) No cross faction teams are allowed.

8) No maximum number of substitutes.
Please mail @beagles @zorena @inquatar or post on the forums for anymore people to your rosters.

9) There will be 2 aired matches per week on Saturdays, they will be held at a 2pm EST if team a or b canít play on that day we go to find two teams who can and are going to fight.

This is Working out to be 1 Round of two teams playing two games or three depending on time, and the willingness of Mojoradio guys.

10) Weeks start at Sunday and goes up to next Sunday. Default time is Saturday @ air 2pm EST. Due to the wording of this, and the actuall intent of this message If your teams can't come up with another time/day to play eachother this would be the default time, But please try to be as flexible as possible to allow the games to be played.

Team Captain Powers
________________________________________________ ______

Teams must pick a Team Captain, who will have discretion powers listed below.

Team Captain Powers of Digression.
1) New Weeks start at Sunday, Please try to arrange matches during the week with using mail and such to get the match dates sorted before saturday atleast.

If both team captains want to reschedule the match During the week.
If both team captains agree restarts can be more than 3.

And can you as Team Leader try to find out if your team can Play the *MojoRadio Starmatch* during the Week/Rounds and if so mail @Zorena and say that your team is able.

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can we post we are looking for a team? For those of us in fleets that maybe do not post "serious" PvP teams

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@FurQue - Cpt.

Any questions about the rules above I will answer as well.


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Originally Posted by Captain Data
can we post we are looking for a team? For those of us in fleets that maybe do not post "serious" PvP teams

Please make another thread for team searching thanks, I think its easier if we keep this thread somewhat clean right?

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TSI/SW signup:

@Erattiaan - Leader

Archived Post 08-12-2011 12:59 PM

-Team Sea Cucumber-

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No more signups?

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needs moar teams :)

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*duct-tapes thread up*
Hope you guys will have fun. :)

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Originally Posted by WishStone
*duct-tapes thread up*
Hope you guys will have fun. :)

That's great and all, but you really need to take down the stickied threads of the previous and now defunct tournaments (Star Trek Online PvP League & KT PvP league). As a plus, this will help minimize confusion so that another stickied thread doesn't get locked for "necroing" ;)

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