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Archived Post 08-11-2011 12:02 AM

My bug report update...

I was not sure if I should post this article in the Bug Report section of the Foundry or the General section of the Foundry. Before I get into the topic, I should point out early that my intent here is to inform my personal experience with what I encountered with the Foundry as it was turned back on this week. Also, I want to relay the experience in a narative way. I do not want to dive into deep with technical matters. I want to see what kind of feedback is generated so that I can gain some personal perspective from other players encounters this week.

Logging Back in to the Foundry

It was reported a couple of weeks ago that our published stories may not port correctly with the Season 4 update, and it was reported that we may have to adjust our stories or republish them.

I did not find this to be to difficult for the stories I have written. With the exception of Terror in the Patch Chapter 5 version 1.4, this was the only story with major damage to it.

What actually happen to it?

I think because the flashing icon has been changed, most of my stories only required a simple republish. Chapter 5 problem with this aspect was cleared up, but several dialog sequences were misplaced. My solution was to just delete the duplicated dialog box's.

In the last section of the story where I had multiple endings, it looks like they added a 'Dialog Complete" option (not sure if that is the actual name). However, for those people who do not know, in the foundry when you set up objects, components, or dialogs, then these items can be placed on your map to set up triggers in the story.

To set up a multiple ending, it requires a certain order in your methods to pull off the desired effect. It looks like because this drop down option box changed then I just had to go back and tell the workbench what components or objects completed a task.

It actually was not all that much damage to my stories. After I study the problem for a while, the fix was simple to complete.

So my report as of today is, I did not really experience any 'end of life' problems in my Foundry stories.

I hope this helps some folks.

Thank you.

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