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Archived Post 08-11-2011 05:34 AM

Foundry Idea: Use the DOFF system/BOFFs on maps
Just had a fun idea: with the DOFF system coming out (soon, I hope), and just in general with BOFFs...

But why not have it so we can place a generic NPC marker that, like in chat, will act as whatever BOFF (Or DOFF?) is in the player's crew?

Let me give an example: a mission calls for you to speak to your CMO down in Sickbay. So the author places the "player's CMO" NPC down there, and when the player goes down there BAM, there's there CMO standing around looking at doctory, rather than some random NPC that I've never seen before in my life who is now telling me they're the CMO of my ship. I think it'd add a lot of depth if a mission sends you down to Engineering, and instead of seeing some random Engineers the author slapped together you had maybe you Chief Engineer and/or some Engineer DOFFs who are part of your crew down there.

The only problem would be, with BOFFs, the risk of bumping into two of your CMO at the same time. I figured there's two ways to handles this:

1. Make the "generic NPC" only useable on maps with no combat, and then prevent people from going to a map with that NPC. Give them a warning like "your CMO is part of this mission and cannot be part of the away team". They'll have to select someone else, but any actual combat situation will not be effected by the fact they can't have their desired BOFF possibly with them.

2. Just give them an outright warning, regardless if there is combat or not, and if they choose to have a duplicate of their BOFF on the map than it was their choice and they were fully warned that it would happen beforehand.

I'm just looking for some ways, with the Foundry, to add a little bit of depth and immersion to what we create... cause it only takes away from that when I'm greated by members of my crew, sometimes incredibly important ones, who I have never seen before and will never see again. By making it simply an NPC you throw down and tell to fill a certain role, I think it'd make missions already using their "own" CMO/crew members quickly and readily edittable. Just replace the NPCs and the costume in dialogue, and whammo, good to go.

I just think it'd be cool if when playing a mission, it was actually my crew I was interacting with. Heck, it's a tool Cryptic could use for their own missions. :D

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