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Archived Post 08-11-2011 05:44 PM

When doing fleet missions we like to focus on one ship at a time to get it destroyed faster. The problem I have is the way I do it is I click my team mates ship then click who he has targeted THEN I open fire on the ship. Is there a function in game that I could be doing that would streamline this? Like ?target friend ?/assist

I know we don't have macros in this game (a shame really) but assisting is cumbersome the way I see it.

Same with ground missions. When My friend and I are on a ground mission it's hard to /assist. My BOffs do it automatically. I wish i could do the same.

Archived Post 08-11-2011 07:50 PM

I am pretty sure /assist works in game.

try this:

/bind n "TargetTeammate 1$$assist"

This 'should' make it so that you either attack the same target as the first teammate in your list, or heal that teammate when you press the 'n' key.

Change as you see fit.

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