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Archived Post 08-12-2011 08:02 AM

A request to roll back BAD REVIEWS during the broken Foundry period.
It saddens me to see some of my fellow Foundry authors' works being one-starred and rudely commented on due to a Foundry glitch that causes map transitions to crash. We had to endure this before when the Foundry was broken and people were only seeing holodecks, huge sections of dialog were missing, and map transitions and triggers no longer functioned.

Several authors found out about their missions too late for them to withdraw them before the bad reviews started coming in.

Please, Cryptic...I implore you...roll back or remove the poor reviews and comments during these two periods. It is not fair to the authors to be punished for something that was beyond their control.

Archived Post 08-12-2011 08:05 AM

I agree with tis statement, although I myself didn't receive many of these, many of my friends did.

I think this is the worst of them

Please do something about it, we implore you.

Is it possible to remove all reviews from the time period that the foundry broke to the time when it is fixed by patching?

Archived Post 08-12-2011 08:16 AM

I agree.

At the very least there should be a way for authors to rebut a review that slams a mission because of a game bug beyond their control. Or even inform potential players that an issue has been fixed.

Archived Post 08-12-2011 08:18 AM

some players leave harsh reviews, When it's an issue with Foundry itself, every reviews seems to be negative. Many of us work hard to build missions that the rest of the player base will enjoy. But, when the issue is outside of our control because of issues with Foundry, it doesn't seem fair that those negative reviews remain on the missions. When there are issues with Foundry, there should be a free pass on the reviews.

Archived Post 08-12-2011 09:40 AM

I agree, needs to be done. Thankfully, I was quick enough to pull my mission down before this happened to me. Course, no one plays my mission... highly rated and unheard of, I'm totally out of the mainstream. Go go hipster glasses! :cool:

But seriously, I two starred the first mission I came across with this bug before I realized it WAS a bug. I will, however, go back and re-score that one mission when it's back up and playable (pretty sure the author withdrew it, sorry about the two stars, I didn't know yet!!!)

But I took mine down the moment I saw what was going on, and knew if I left mine up it'd be a matter of time until someone one-starred it and blamed me for the broken state of the Foundry. But, thankfully, no one played my mission a good day before the bug hit, and it looked like no one was in a rush to play it the day the Foundry missions broke. :) :confused: :(

Afterlight: play it when it's been re-published!!!

Archived Post 08-12-2011 09:58 AM

/signed for practical reasons

i agree that authors mustn't be punished for smthing beyond their control

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Originally Posted by Steel-Hyena
Afterlight: play it when it's been re-published!!!

I look forward to playing it when everything is okay with the Foundry and its missions. :)

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Archived Post 08-13-2011 08:08 AM

/signed and agreed. No need to punish us for Cryptic's inability to keep the foundry stable.

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