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Worf's Face is Wrong
I don't know how many other people have noticed, but the Worf NPC that was designed for STO certainly does not flatter Michael Dorn in any way. I understand that he has aged somewhat since his last movie appearance, but I still feel they could have done a much better job with him. For starters, his skin tone is much, MUCH too light. When I first spotted him in the Great Hall Courtyard, leading a mok'bara class, I thought it was a different Klingon with coincidentally the same name.

His hair is also this wild, random, slightly insane fringe with little care or thought put into it, so different from the luxuriant and magnificent mane Worf was known to have. There is no problem with greying the hair to match age progression, but Worf just does not look like Worf without his unique style of doo. You know the one I mean: That thick, groomed bundle ending in the ponytail down his back.

And while I understand the necessity of giving him some wrinkles to coincide with the passage of time, in the process they seem to have abandoned any attempt to make his face match that of Dorn's with any real accuracy.

Call me a nitpicker if you will, but I think if an actor is allowing his face to be used in a game, it's only common courtesy that the NPC matches the face. Discussion?

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I has to do with likeness rights more than anything. STO-Worf can't look too closely like Michael Dorn in TV make-up. Even so, on the final episode of TNG we did see a future Worf. Who looked a bit disheveled in presentation.

Here is a screenshot of Worf. From All Good Things.

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I understand that. And the likeness rights were given. I remember reading somewhere that someone wanted to know why only a few series characters were running around. The response was that only those actors that gave permission had their faces on NPCs running around. Michael Dorn was one of those. Now that he has given permission, I just think Cryptic is obligated to do a better job.

Archived Post 08-14-2011 03:45 PM

Can you point me to that information? I'm curious to read it.

Archived Post 08-14-2011 03:53 PM

I believe its was in a very early forum thread. I'm not sure which one. I really have never used a blog before.

Archived Post 08-14-2011 04:02 PM

he was trotured quite badly in countdown by nero, that and 20-30 years takes a toll

Archived Post 08-14-2011 04:14 PM

Well, that Countdown stuff or whatever is a non-canon source, and therefore utterly invalid.

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Originally Posted by CheRoj
Well, that Countdown stuff or whatever is a non-canon source, and therefore utterly invalid.

it's soft canon, and seeing as romulus isnt there and cbs doesnt have rights to the jjverse i'd say it's been addopted into sto's internal canon (which is also not canon anyway)

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Originally Posted by CheRoj
Well, that Countdown stuff or whatever is a non-canon source, and therefore utterly invalid.

Yeah its not like STO builds directly on top of that continuity and is a strictly canon game......oh wait! :p

Archived Post 08-14-2011 04:35 PM

Countdown is considered more substantiated cannon than most for STO because it fits with the current STO timeline. And I think the OP is right and it would be awesome if they could get the ingame Worf to look more like the older AGT (All good things...) Worf. Also I would like to know if Micheal Dorn really did give likeness rights to Cryptic and if he did then they really could make a better looking Worf, and on top of that why no voice over work? Micheal Dorn has given his voice to a few games-Klingon Academy, I swear he did a voice over for the original Starcraft too. And to name a few other Star Trek voice over work would be a long list but personal favorites are Patrick Stewart for Oblivion and a D&D game, and Kate Mulgrew was awesome in Dragon Age. Anyways so yeah Cryptic make Worf look like Worf! Please!

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