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Ships on Map
Hi, I'm new and lost!

Couple of quick questions.. in space, when your flying about, is there anyway to hide all the other player ships? It removes alot of the "realism" or immersion when you can see a ship light years away. I can understand seeing them on a radar, but not the way it is here. So.. is there a "hide players in space flight" button anywhere?

Also - when I'm on the deck of my ship, how do I fly it? I presume you go there, sit in the chair, read the log, and set your course, and see the stars rushing past on the viewscreen somehow, but I cant figure it out.

Many thanks

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You cannot fly your ship from the bridge.

Yes, I know this would be immersive if you could but the ship interiors have been improved massively since launch and more is on the way so maybe being able to stay in the ship while travelling will be here one day.

It looks like we might get the maps all merged at some point and ship journeys could be quite lengthy and, hopefully, full of incidents.

Archived Post 08-15-2011 07:28 AM

You should understand one thing:
IF STO is ever going to be "controlled" from your bridge, the only thing it could possibly do is, autonavigate into sector space. Dan Stahl one mentioned, that he would possible, might even slightly think of that. But there is never going to be such a control similar to Star Trek Bridge Commander. Cryptic never wanted to build STO like this, and will definetley never going to change it that way for diferent reasons. To make it short, the biggest issue would be, that the entire game have to be revmapped entirely! -The shortest answer to that would be, "No way!"

I am not talking here abot, beeing possible, because the Cryptic Engine could do such thing in some time not far into the future. But there is already a working game. It is simply unpractical.

Archived Post 08-15-2011 07:33 AM

Thanks for the replies.

For "Flying from the bridge" I was thinking more you would open a map (just like you do now) but from inside the ship, and click on the place to go (just like you do now) and then fly there and beam down by running to your teleport room. So, nothing fancy or changing the game. But I guess that was a no :)

Anyone know about the second question? Anyway to hide other players / ships when flying through "map space" ?

Archived Post 08-15-2011 07:52 AM

As I already wrote, Dan Stahl the executive producer of STO is thinking of exactly this to come in some future...maybe.:D -There is always a maybe in an MMO.

As for the other question, I think so... but as I am not home and can't load STO, I can't say for sure. I know, you can display diferent informations above any NPC or PC in the game.... but on the Map or Minimap... can't say for sure. Sry, pal.:(

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Thanks for the help!

Last questions (promise!) - whats the best place to go for help? Zam? Wiki?

And.. where do I go to see what the developers have planned for updates? I presume there is still updates :P

Thanks again all, and I hope to see you in game sometime!

Archived Post 08-15-2011 08:42 AM

You can ask as much as you like. :) We won't push you.

here the STO Wiki

And here is the lastest Q&A of Cryptic about STO. They open every moth a thread for our questions and Dan Stahl is going to give us some answers to those.

Here you got the montly Engineering Report, where Dan Stahl also writes about where the Dev's want to go with the game.

Archived Post 08-16-2011 03:50 PM

For your first question, consider that in Sector Space, you are not actually "seeing" another player ship. You are sensing that ship's location with the sensory apparatus of the ship, which presumably travels many times faster than the speed of light. There has never been any explanation in Star Trek of how this actually happens, but it is likely some sort of sensory system that travels through subspace.

(It occurs to me, in fact, that you might be able to detect a warp driven starship by measuring the "ripples" in subspace that pass you, and calculating from them where the ship is. However, the canon also says that ships identify themselves with "transponder signals". So the ships are also TELLING you , "We are here")

Anyway, the point is, you are seeing a visual reconstruction of the ship's computer's analysis of your surroundings. I'm assuming this is what you see on the viewscreen any time you are at warp, as it would be impossible for such an image to be based on visible light.

Ironically enough, one of the reasons Dan Stahl has said that he is so against setting a course from the Bridge and just waiting in your Ready Room until you arrive at your destination is that so much work and effort was put into Sector Space and making it "pretty" that they WANT you to see it. So it's not real, no, but it is an artistic representation. And I think it is pretty. It's a heck of a lot prettier than what it used to be, that's for sure. :) (Then again, maybe you would have liked that. It used to look like this)

As for Sector travel from the bridge, as I already said, Dan Stahl has said that they could just have you wait on the bridge for a given amount of time, and then magically "poof" you to your destination, but that would probably be just as boring. Which would you rather do, stare at a simulated sector display for 5 minutes or stare at a simulated bridge for 5 minutes? Since the devs have said they have no intention of bypassing the Sector Map, it's not really an option.

The other option, which has been mentioned, is putting a bridge "overlay" over the Sector Space so it looks like you're seeing it on the view screen. But again, that would just LOOK like your Bridge, it wouldn't actually be the Bridge. And Dan Stahl has said that that would be so much work for so little effect that likely nobody would be happy with it.

The problem, really, is that when you are on the Bridge you AREN'T in Sector Space. You have one avatar in the game, and when you go to your ship, or land on a planet, it changes from your ship to you, your Captain. It's the same "person", just with two different appearances. So when you're on the Bridge, you're not anywhere is in the game. Where you last were in Sector Space is marked, so you go back to it, but you disappear from there. You can see then when other players enter a star system or starbase, and they vanish.

So the idea of being on the Bridge, but travelling through Sector Space and having a location there, which is constantly changing, well, that can't happen. Now the way the game is written. Any solution, like allowing you to use Bridge Travel for like, long range travel between non-adjacent Sectors, (which is a pretty good suggestion I've heard) would just be a compormise.

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Originally Posted by palleon (Post 3700552)
Thanks for the replies.
Anyone know about the second question? Anyway to hide other players / ships when flying through "map space" ?

Although you can't hide other players, you can remove other player 'health and name' reticles using the HUD options; setting them to 'mouse over' means you don't lose that info completely.

Not a perfect solution, but will add to the experience you're after.

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