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Have I Messed up my R&D?
Hey guys, So long story short is, I started playing about 2 weeks ago, was doing R&D at the start, but only got it up to about 340... Before I knew it I was no longer collecting the Radiation/Alien Artefact, It was higher level things. In my over-excited quest to become captain, I've generally collected about 50% of the data readings I come across. So here I am with a low-*** R&D level sitting with me Galaxy class, wishing I could use the few hundred higher level data samples... Anyone had a similar experience? If so my question would be, what is the most efficient way to get from 340 to wherever it should be for captain?

Thankyou Kindly!

Archived Post 08-17-2011 08:32 PM

the answer is simple, go back to the Delta Volanis exploration sector and farm the red anomalies (you are allowed to go back after you level up)
once you have enough, craft a lot of schematics, this will move up your R&D experience

Archived Post 08-17-2011 08:34 PM

Zones keep the samples found in them constant. If you need radiation samples/alien artifacts just get in a shuttle and circle the Delta Volanis sector for a while. You'll pick up tons. Or else get in you starship and replay the lower level missions that haven't been remastered - though just patrolling Delta Volanis will get you plenty of samples. Just circling the zone scanning anomalies for an hour will get you plenty.

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Acquiring the Craft Delta Flyer mission and getting anomalies in Delta Volanis and go to other areas when you are done with Volanis should help out. Did that with my low character alt, gave the rare anomalies to my main Fed Captain that maxed out crafting, and the other anomalies to my Orion captain and got her to just over 1,000.

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If you go to STO WIKI online and punch in data samples there will be a chart that tells you where to find different levels of samples. If you ever need more, as previously stated, just go get 'em.

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Wow thanks so much for the quick response guys!

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