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Archived Post 08-25-2011 11:33 PM

The Long Night (Coming Soon)
..........Picking up where Drawing Proof and State Secrets left off, the time arrives for the Federation War Commission to investigate evidence of Undine deception--and detection.
..........Meanwhile, Gar'rul has been hiding and it's time to bring him out of the shadows. He's not one to keep an addled mind or idle hands though. Find him without drawing attention to your crew and take him safely to Starfleet Command.
..........However, there are those discontent with wine and dress uniforms--those that would undermine the peace processes started on Vulcan. Lives are being lost on every front and some of those lives were at your hands. . .

  • Branching Objectives (combat is optional, depending on your interactions with the environment)
  • More complex dialogue trees
  • Puzzles--including ethical dilemmas (and repercussions).

in Progress (early Sept. 2011)

Questions for those who've played previous missions in the series:
  • Which character has stood out the most, so far, and why?
  • If unable to find Gar'rul, would you wait indefinitely or would you send communication via subspace to Starfleet Command?
  • What scenes could you imagine occurring around Starfleet Command and the Federation Legislature?

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