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Creating 16th Character (Engineering Officer)
I've created Liberated Borgs, Joined Trills, and numerous alien in Science,Tactial and Engineering. 12 toons on the Fed side and 3 on the Klingon side. I'm considering creating a human engineer adding techie and warp theorist. However, I'm tempted to create another alien with traits of evasive, techie, warp therorist and accuracy. Although, would I be better served selecting effiecient captain.

I've experienced techie and evasive traits kicked in during pvp matches on those Phaser Pharohs in cannon escorts. No joke. Moreover, they targeted my engines and it was reading well below the 50% and showing read while bouncing around. IK looked up to see the target engines but no UI showing it. My standard impluse engine did not have the 25% to aux when disabled. Yet still crawling in ship. I believe those two traits would certainly benefit me most. Agree? Cruisers are the biggest target to shoot at.

Now why am I considering Human toon? Simply because of the repair rate. Along with techie and warp theroist. shame that cryptic blocked the evasive.

Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I never noticed that the leadership actually did anything.... :(

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Originally Posted by Ashur1
I never noticed that the leadership actually did anything.... :(

it has increased repair rate.

I was wondering how a ship with human officers would work.

However when i pondered on this idea, it occured to me, you would most likely only repair when you have crew.

Typically when you need to repair most of your crew is blacked out.. :D

so your in a sense chasing after your own tail.

Lulz... best officers is and always will be my efficient borg officer followed by my ugly efficient sarians...
Borg being better because she looks straight up better then an ugly saurian... :cool:

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