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Archived Post 08-29-2011 12:30 PM

Need Advice - Tac Officer in LRSV
So I'm a tactical officer but I've been flying science vessels and I really like them, so I decided to go with the long range refit at VA. After doing some research I've come up with this build but I'm hoping for some advice on what to change.

Fore Weapons:
-2x phaser DBB (Acc/Dmg x2)
-1x photon torpedo launcher (I'm thinking of changing this to the crafted purple quantum launcher)

Aft Weapons:
-2x phaser array (Acc/Dmg x2)
-1x tricobalt torpedo launcher

3x borg + aegis shields (should I change to Reman shields??)

Bridge Officers:

Lt. Tac:
- Tac Team 1
- Attack pattern beta 1

Lt. Eng:
- EPtS 1
- AuxSIF 1

Ens. Sci:
- Jam Sensors 1

Lt.C. Sci:
- Tractor Beam 1
- Hazard Emitters 2
- Tyken's Rift 2 (I was expecting the Borg bridge officer from KA to have TSS 3 because STO wiki said he would, but he didn't, so now I'm looking for something else to replace this maybe)

Cm. Sci:
- Sci Team 1
- TSS 2
- Photonic Shockwave 1
- TBR 3 (Would it be better to swap these last 2 abilities and go with TBR 2 and PSW 3?)

Any advice would be much appreciated! I'd also like some advice on what my power levels should be; right now the presets are 75 / 50 / 25 / 50

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