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Archived Post 08-30-2011 01:01 PM

Drone Ships - New Mission, Please Review!

Title: Drone Ships
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+
Starting Location: Agrama System, Alpha Centauri Sector Block


Starfleet has received unconfirmed reports of attacks on allied vessels in the Regula Badlands, an inhospitable area of space with little strategic value. The U.S.S. Hood, assigned to patrol the area is overdue with her report to Starfleet. Your orders are to investigate what is happening in the region and determine the fate of one of the fleet's longest serving and most legendary starships.

  • Space Combat
  • Ground Combat
  • Optional Objectives & Dialogues
  • Puzzles
  • A Little Diplomacy
  • Visit a Legendary Ship
  • References to Past Trek Episodes & Video Games


This is my fifth published foundry mission and represents what I believe the sum of my learnings and experience to date with the editor. The mission is really plot-driven, around an investigation into the true cause of the attacks in the region you are sent to. Some dialogues are entirely optional, but following the dialogue prompts will help you appreciate the mission more. I feel it fits quite nicely with the overall ongoing storyline in STO and I hope you do to.

  • Kirkfat for his excellent tutorials
  • Those who have reviewed my past missions both in game and on the forums that have allowed to me improve and put this one together
  • All who take the time to review and play this mission, it's much appreciated!

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