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Archived Post 09-02-2011 09:53 AM

Ground Combat
I dont know if the developers read this but just as before I and a few others I've spoken to still feel that the ground combat is still lacking. You still cant take any cover behind walls or boxes, your still basicly standing there getting shot. Like others a love this game and enjoy playing it, but I mostly try to avoid ground combat because of the lack of manuverablebility and just plain standing there like a sore thumb. Even in all of your episodes they always took cover when getting firing at, really! Its common sense. Some great platforms to look at to maybe possible model these ground combat features would be titles like Mass Effect which in my opinion has a great combat scene for future fighting. If STO was anything close to that combat I'd never leave the house:D I'm sorry that I can not enjoy this combat area of the game, but watching the Exe. Producer and the rest of the team talk about ground combat as if it were completely fixed because you added a button that lets you aim which still needs more work. I understand you all work hard on these improvments and some of you may even pour more into the development of this game but the direction your going with the ground combat makes me think that no one on the team even games for that matter. I also understand that this game has only been out for a year now and the combat has majorly improved from when it first started, but I'm just voicing my opinion in the hopes that maybe someone will listen. I do not intentionally mean to offend or hurt anyones feelings on this matter and I do apologize for any future inconvenience.:)

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