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Archived Post 09-14-2011 11:12 AM

Scramble suggestion
I know we have all inclusive threads going and such... I just really wanted to Put together everyone's best idea for a scramble fix. What does everyone think the idea SS would look like... to make it 1 usable with out others wanting to kill you... and 2 not so unfun that our friends desub in disgust.

Here is solution... changes that I think would make it an intresting skill with out being the type of hilarity that makes people want to log.

I would say;
1) turn everyone enemy to fix the cloak issue.
2) reduce effect duration by at least half... perfect fix would be to decouple it from aux and give it set duration times like jam sensors... something like 10, 14, 18 sec or so.
3) just like jam before it (Jam was fixed long ago) Make it fragile (Jam did not start that way) at X amount of dmg... from (ANYONE, or sci ships with no weapons become even more popular) have it break the effect early.
4) Limit the Aoe to a max of 3 targets.... (this still lets it be a dumb overpowered pve ability, while making sure there is always two team mates that are not "enemy" to help with sci teams) I don't think it happened often where someone got a perfect shot and scrambled 5 people anyway. Really though we don't want GW x 5 and SS 3 x 5 to get common. ;)

That is my SS fix.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 11:23 AM

given that these suggestions have been voiced many times to no avail... Whatever here we go....
  • make any SS from team mates aufire at any target that just cleared a scramble or where it has been expired.
  • disable selftargeting for the duration of SS
  • Switch all self-only powers (Miracle worker, evasive....) to enemy only powers. Activating them while scrambled will cast them for the scrambler.
  • add immunity to prevent chaining
  • fix the target self keybind to be reliable,
  • fix self-only powers misfiring.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 11:37 AM

If effected, make everything around you your enemy. You will be able to heal yourself, but not someone else.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Dalnar
If effected, make everything around you enemy. You will be able to heal yourself, but not someone else.

Right which is why it needs duration reduced... made fragile, and have an AOE limited number so an entire team could never be scrambled (unless more then one is used... in which case just being fragile will fix it)

Honestly right now SS is the worst skill a klink team would ever use... as it makes their escorts useless.. Enemy is the only fix I think would work. leaving it as is teams using cloaking can't use SS unless they like loosing.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 12:04 PM

As a quick fix, if a player uses ssIII they should implement a 300lb anvil dropping on the players head at their desk. Pointed side down.

But yeah, I really like the fragile idea, as well as the shortened duration.

Yes there is a work around for heals to get your abilities to their intended targets most of the time but people forget dps is also survivabilty as well. If you kill your enemy he isn't shooting at you anymore. You can't zoom all the way in and dps in an escort type ship and expect to aim your arc, and at rank III keeping your target is unmanageable. It's the one point I never see in these threads about this incredibly absurd ability.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 12:19 PM

make the duration for each level 5,10,15 sec unskilled respectively for rank 1,2,3 with skill in only adding
+25% to the duration from the base value rounded to the nearest whole number
change effect to makeing everyone hostal to the player instead of friendly to the player disallowing heals to be sent to teammates or enemys when affected by scramble only self heals allowed

Archived Post 09-14-2011 12:21 PM

Post the ideas HERE man, keep the main suggestion thread alive so that the dev's will see ALL the changes recommended by the community and not just Scramble :)

Archived Post 09-14-2011 12:26 PM

The devs (if they cared to) would have to sift through 10 posts of static to get to any 1 worthwhile idea on your thread. I think husanak has some really good points here for this particular ability.

Archived Post 09-14-2011 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Kroegler
The devs (if they cared to) would have to sift through 10 posts of static to get to any 1 worthwhile idea on your thread. I think husanak has some really good points here for this particular ability.

Almost all of the ideas are on the first two posts as I have been keeping it updated as more people put up ideas, I'm not trying to shoot down anything Husanak is doing here but I do want to the dev's to realize that there are more broken and/or unbalanced abilities than just Scramble. :)

Archived Post 09-14-2011 01:22 PM

Scramble Sensors should not:
  • Cause abilities like Evasive Maneuvers to misfire,
  • Allow team abilities (Sci, Eng, Tac) to be sent to enemy ships or other random objects,
  • Reveal cloaked team mates to the enemy team while under SS.
  • Cause Heavy Torpedoes (i.e. Tricobalts) to bounce off of targets like a ping pong ball.

Scramble Sensors probably should not:
  • Last as long as it currently can,
  • Effect as many player ships as it currently does (it probably doesn't matter if it effects all NPCs and objects)
  • Be as strong as it currently is.

Scramble Sensors could be fixed if it:
  • Was a fragile hold on player ships (unchanged for NPCs),
  • Had a shorter effective duration on player ships (unchanged for NPCs),
  • Stopped causing self target abilities to misfire,
  • Stopped sending teams to enemy ships and objects,
  • Didn't reveal cloaked ships.

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