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Theoretical maximum manueverability for Galaxy-X?
Does anyone know the theoretical maximum manueverability for a Galaxy-X?

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Originally Posted by Jermbot (Post 3756879)
Does anyone know the theoretical maximum manueverability for a Galaxy-X?

I'd guess if you; dumped all the power into engines, maxed out skills in Dreadnaut Cruiser and other skills that work on turn rate AND loaded all of the consoles with RCS Mk XII (+35%), you might get to a turn rate of 19. The down sode is you be able to do much of anything else with it. You can get over turn rate of 20 with emergency power to Engines III and auxiliary power to dampeners, but they aren't permanent.

I maxed my Excelsior out at 22.4 without any boff powers, devices or evasive manuevers. But my weapons and shield power was really low. If you wan't to turn harder, the Excelsior is the way to go.

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I'm showing a Dervish with a starting turn rate of 12 and the Gal-X with a starting turn rate of 3... are we operating on the same scale?

If we're not, where would a starting Fleet Escort fall on your scale?

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Originally Posted by Jermbot (Post 3756995)
Gal-X with a starting turn rate of 3...

3!? Where did you see that!? I'm pretty sure it has the same turn rate as the other Galaxies, which is 6 degrees a second...

EDIT: STOWiki has it at 6 too...

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Originally Posted by Jermbot (Post 3756995)
I'm showing a Dervish with a starting turn rate of 12 and the Gal-X with a starting turn rate of 3... are we operating on the same scale?

If we're not, where would a starting Fleet Escort fall on your scale?

You are looking at the info, when not in "Combat Space". For instance, leave ESD and be in the space immedialey outside of it (not secotr space) go to "full throttle" (not full impulse) and you'll see your "actual" turn rate.

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What you need to do to get the MAXIMUM turn rate out of a Gal-X

- Spec into all ship skills
- Load up on 4 RCS consoles
- Get an Impulse Engine with [Turn]x3
- Set Aux to 100 (with maxed performance, you should be at 114)
- Equip 2x Aux to ID 2 on your BOs.

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Challenge accepted ;)
Figured I'd tackle this one on Tribble. Hope this helps !
First off, relevant skills:

Starfleet Training
Starship Command 9
Cruiser Captain 9
Starship Combat Maneuvers 9
Heavy Cruiser Captain 9
Exploration Cruiser Captain 9
Assault Cruiser Captain 9

Starship Engineering
Starship Engineering Training 9
Starship Warp Core Training 9
Starship Auxiliary Systems Maintenance 9
Starship Engine Maintenance 9
Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency 9
Starship Engine Efficiency 9
Starship Engine Performance 9
Starship Auxiliary Systems Performance 9

Relevant gear was as follows:
  • Assimilated Graviton Deflector Array (for the +5 Aux)
  • Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engine
- the next best engine I was able to find between live,Tribble, crafting, emblems, and Marks was a Hyper Impulse X [Turn]x2, and that was 0.1 degrees less turn rate than the Aegis engine.
  • RCS Accelerator XI (rare)
- x0 to x4 tested. All numbers involving skills and items were with x4 consoles.
Bridge Officer skills
  • x2 Emergency Power to Engines 2
  • x2 Auxiliary Power to the Inertial Dampeners 2

I tried 2 power configurations 100 Engines/50 Aux (with skills 114/78) and 50 Engines/100 Aux (with skills 73/119)

100 Engines/50 Aux
0 RCS Accelerators - 11.5 deg/Sec
1 RCS Accelerators - 12.5 deg/sec
2 RCS Accelerators - 13.6 deg/sec
3 RCS Accelerators - 14.6 deg/sec
4 RCS Accelerators - 15.7 deg/sec

x4 RCS+EPtE2 - 16.0 deg/sec
x4 RCS+APtID2 - 20.6 deg/sec
x4 RCS+APtID2+EPtE2 - 21.1 deg/sec
x4 RCS+Evasive Maneuvers3 - 30.5 deg/sec
x4 RCS+Evasive Maneuvers3+EPtE2 - 30.9 deg/sec

50 Engines/100 Aux
0 RCS Accelerators - 10.4 deg/Sec
1 RCS Accelerators - 11.4 deg/sec
2 RCS Accelerators - 12.5 deg/sec
3 RCS Accelerators - 13.5 deg/sec
4 RCS Accelerators - 14.6 deg/sec

x4 RCS+EPtE2 - 15.5 deg/sec
x4 RCS+APtID2 - 21.4 deg/sec
x4 RCS+APtID2+EPtE2 - 22.3 deg/sec
x4 RCS+Evasive Maneuvers3 - 28.9 deg/sec
x4 RCS+Evasive Maneuvers3+EPtE2 - 30.2 deg/sec

Evasive Maneuvers3 = Deuterium Burn; they don't stack
Evasive Maneuvers3 doesn't stack with the turn/speed boost from APtID2. It overwrites it.

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Screw the RCS consoles, their effect is minimal at best. rather hoard deuterium surpus, get emergency power to engines I (not II or III) and learn to turn with reverse + set new heading.

RCS consoles work best for escorts (sadly). And engineering slot is very valuable, so do not gimp your self with those useless consoles. And that comes from me, who is using 2x DHC on Dreadnought.

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So - deuterium, epte1, k, I get those.

I think I understand the reference with the reverse turn, but a larger explanation would be appreciated, just in case.

Is Aux to Dampeners worth it?

A bit off topic, but I'm actually wondering what kind of bof layout you use with one of these period - especially if using 2xdhc is worth it.

My current theory is all beams in back, 1 beam 2 dhc 1 torp (likely harpeng) in front, and then fairly tank heavy eng skills - 2xeng team, aux to sif 3, epts 3, aux to damp, epte 1, probably cannon rapid, beam at will for tac, and tss and he for science.

(My sci main is going to switch to the Gal-X once the venture skin drops, it looks like more fun than doing a Intrepid Torp boat at any rate)

edit - or would turrets be better than beams across the board?

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hmm this is interesting but how do you make it turn but still be able to fight its way out of a paper bag?

Having all the power in Aux or Engines means you may as well be spitting at your enemies

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