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Archived Post 09-17-2011 07:48 PM

Group Healing Advice
So I'm looking for some advice for my ship setup and bridge officer abilities. I currently fly the Nebula refit and I'd like to keep it. I want to set myself up so that I can heal groups both shield heals and hull heals. I'm sure I have some things here that are either redundant or not needed at all. So here we go.

Ensign Science: Hazard Emitters I
Lt. Tactical: Tactical Team I, High Yield Torpedo II
Lt. Engineer: Emergency Power to Auxiliary I, Engineering Team II
Lt. Cmdr Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I, Emergency Power to Auxiliary II, Extend Shields II
Cmdr Science: Science Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Hazard Emitters III, Charged Particle Burst III

I'm thinking I only need one Emergency Power to Auxiliary. Other suggestions?

Archived Post 09-18-2011 03:06 AM

You should probably have two Emergency Power to Shields, so you have 100 % uptime for significant shield resistance buff.
You might want to check out Auxiliary to 2 Structural Integrity instead of Engineering Team. (There are drawbacks and advantages. The uptime will be better with A2S, but ET will restore disabled subsystems)
Extend Shields is definitely a good choice.
If you can get it (check the Exchange for the Aenar/Caitan BOs), you might want to take Transfer Shield Strength III and Hazard Emitters II.

For PvE, 2 Hazard Emitters to help against the Borg is good, in PvP, I would probably prefer two Transfer Shield Strength.

With the recent change to Torpedo Spread, there might be good reasons to go with TS over High YIeld Torpedo, especially since you're using charged Particle Burst II. (You can hit up to 6 targets with it. The damage is slightly lower then HYT's damage would be - unless you are lucky and score a critical hit, in which case it will be far more damage than HYT is ever likely to be. Such unexpected crits can be devastating enough that they outweigh the damage loss over time.)
Scramble Sensors III is an excellent alternative to Charged Particle Burst III - it really ruins the enemies ability to cooperate (target healers and see them accidentally heal your allies, mines and pets while your friends are destroying the healers friends - at least until someone clears the debuff - which lasts very long if not cleared.)

Archived Post 09-18-2011 04:03 AM

I posted this in anotther thread but this is what I would do for healing myself and team support.


Lt. Tac: TT1, AP Delta 1
Lt. Com Eng: Epts1, Epts2, ES2 or AuxtoSif2
Com. Sci: ST1, TSS2, HE3, Cpb3
Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2
Ens. Sci: ST1


Lt. Tac.: TT1, TS2
Lt. Com Eng.: Epts1, ES1, AuxtoSif2
Com. Sci.: ST1, HE2, TSS3, Cpb3/FPB3
Lt. Eng.: Epts1, RSP1
Ens. Sci.: TSS1


Lt. Tac.: TT1, AP Delta 1
Lt. Com Eng.: Epts1, ET2, ES2
Com.Sci.: ST1, TSS2, TSS3, Cpb3
Lt. Eng.: Epts1, AuxttoSif1
Ens. Sci.: HE1

Just some suggestions for your Nebula build. Though the 3rd option is a bit difficult, because it has an Engineering Team 2. Even though it shares a cooldown with Tactical Team (TT) and Science Team (ST), you cover all debuff types.

If your an Engineering officer you have even more heals with Rotate Shield Frequency and Mircale worker, hence you don't have to heal yourself and can focus keeping your team members alive.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:47 AM

Thanks for the insight folks! I'd like to hang on to Charged Particle Burst. I don't really do any PvP and this build is mainly for PvE STFs and whatnot.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 12:18 PM

Ye, but almost every PVP build can tank or whatever in PVE ;)

In this case I would just make some minor changes like reducing the TSS3 to TSS2 and add Gravity Well 1 or Scramble Sensor 2. I would keep the Cpb and combine it with Torpedo Spread 2. For PVE it's perfect since it can hit several target at once and take the NPCs down very quickly as soon as their shields are down.

Set your Aux power to 100 to maximize your Cpb and Gravity as well as Srcamble Sensor. (50/25/25/100 Space Power distribution; Weapon power doesn't affect the effectiveness of Torpedos, only consoles do.)

Otherwise you could go for full beam nebula and set your weapon power to 100. Add a FAW2. That would be another way of playing through PVE quickly.

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