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Archived Post 09-17-2011 10:03 PM

Venture Saucer - Missing Windows
Has anyone else noticed the missing windows on the bottom of the saucer - on both the Galaxy Refit and Dreadnought version of the Venture saucer? To the left of the neck, there's a pretty decent chunk of the saucer that has no windows. Not a big deal, but a little annoying, I guess.

Archived Post 09-17-2011 10:21 PM

Yes, I have noticed this as well.

I was about to post on it. Thanks for doing so already. :)

Archived Post 11-14-2011 10:29 PM

Just a self - bump, the missing windows on the Venture refit are still missing. On both the Galaxy and Galaxy - X variant.

Archived Post 02-10-2012 12:20 PM


The windows under the saucer are still missing (it looks like the ring of windows was rotated toward the port side, since some of the ones on that side are under the neck now).

Also, a second window-related bug: no matter which windows you choose, the stardrive section will always have type 1 windows if you use the Galaxy hull.

I paid for this thing a couple months ago; can we please get this fixed?

Archived Post 02-12-2012 02:17 AM


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