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Archived Post 09-18-2011 05:44 PM

An Idea for Low Level Klingons
Hey All

I was think about the lack of content

How can you skip all that, a lot of folks are worried.

So I thought to myself, Klingons have carriers that can launch fighters and birds of prey right?

So who pilots those ships?

Obviously it is low level KDFers.

So why not craft an early campaign based off a klingon carrier, perhaps showing the capture of the gorn or the opening battles of the war, instead of all this flavor text on the load screens.

You start in a fighter and get a bop at ltc and finally prove your honor and worth and get your own commad at commander.

Just an idea...

Oh and you could probably get the good foundry authors to make these missions if you were really nice to them :cool:

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:04 PM

Sounds nice but I'm more annoyed that newbies get a level 25 for nothing while people who maxed out there rank don't get anything back for it, were forced to grind while Cryptic still needs to get more missions out there.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:09 PM

I'll second this. It wouldnt even be that difficult to impliment.
No need to pick up missions from different people, they'd all come from the carrier's captain. No need to fly around by yourself, so the historical aspect of the idea would be maintained - carried around inside your carrier you wouldnt see much of the outside except for the systems you have a job to do, so you wouldnt actualy be interacting with the present.
All it'd need is for a carrier to be present at the usual warp-in point for missions, and a new animation. Launching from the bays instead of warping in. As for warping out your ships could just plot a basic course toward the carrier and fade to black, or do an in system warp with a little cutscene of your ship entering the carrier.
Another good thing about this could be the social aspect, the carrier could be a hub for lowbie KDF with all the usual stores etc.
Since the ships belong to the carrier's captain, perhaps let the lowbies pick out some standard armorments for free or very cheap while they build up a store of whatever currency is in use at the time?

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:14 PM

I had'nt thought of the social hub point, but it seems like a good idea.

Also these low level klingons would still be able to due klingon pvp as training missions on the carrier and it would be vs those close to their own ranks if the que system is used correctly. :D

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:27 PM

With access to both ground combat aboard the carrier, and ship to ship combat?
ICly the ground combat could be done on a holodeck.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 06:42 PM

this is not only a great idea but could draw in a lot of people to play this as its fresh and new to the game.

makeing the carrier a hub for low level klingons also lets you make missions that are on a grand scale. you can make carrier fleet actions that is fought by the carriers battle group and launch fighters ( the players ) to make it fill like a real war.

it also helps the new klingons with tactics and group work that they will need in pvp as a fighter cant take on a group of ships so they need many.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 07:40 PM

And before some one says, they would need to take a lot of time to make a new social area hub map... well no they wouldn't! Just use the large ship interior set for the carrier, populate it with npcs you can talk to for missions and vendor and other such things.

And yes, using the autogroup feature each mission could be like a mini fleet action almost, grouping the fighters together for more combat ability. Though when you reach LTC you are assigned to a Brel and start doing more independent missions.

Oh and as for ground combat? Who do you think gets to beam over on the boarding parties? Or beam down to assault the ground? Some High level commander? Nope its the legions of warriors of the empire and their allies lackeys of course. :D

Oh and as for the K'Tanco, the Somraw, and QulDun... just make them alternate costumes for their higher tier counter parts, especially the K'Tanco. Don't get me wrong but this ship is a little to weak with only 2/2 weapons and would look like a more interesting heavy cruiser type.

Archived Post 09-18-2011 10:08 PM

I have to admit I didnt like this idea at first but as I read through the entire thread I actually can see how this would be a good idea.The carrier itself as the social zone for low lvl klingons is actually a good idea plus the concept of flying missions in a fighter/shuttle gives the player more use with the other wise underused fighter and shuttles skins.Gives the player a reason to get all the different shuttle variations other then for a collection. Lets face it there is only 1 mission and 1 daily thats uses these types of ships and the Klingons dont even get the daily.The unique kdf shuttle fleet action was a good idea too only further making the KDF faction a more unique experience rather then a lesser Fed campaign skinned in red.The only problem I see however is the same problem that we have been having since launch.Your going to need alot of missions that are made specifically around this idea as these missions on the carrier will be the only means of advancing throught the lower lvls. Cryptic just doesnt have the time to do all these new KDF missions with all this stuff coming out and now f2p.Your idea is a good one but I doubt will ever happen as Cryptic would have to make several KDF exclusive missions, where as their current plan seems to be spending their limited time on missions that both factions can play with minor tweeks depending on which side your on. Shame actually, alittle WING COMMANDER nostialga trip would have been nice! lol

Archived Post 09-19-2011 01:50 AM

yes but they have told us thats klingons will start around level 18 when f2p goes live so they can make it less of a grind. in the mean time they will be makeing more missions for the klingons and this carrier hub makes a good places to start.

they will be getting a lot more staff so that means this could take half the time then it would now so it might not be all that long.

Archived Post 09-19-2011 07:13 AM

Funnily enough this idea is what I would have used for the basic setup for the whole game feds and Klingons alike, with Fed types getting shuttle missions for space stuff early possibly make them more ground mission heavy with diplo and science scanning missions as the baseline and combat as an oddball with Klingons being the reverse.

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