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Tactical Escort Retrofit - Build - Need Help!
Hello Star Trek Online,

I am looking for some assistance and some constructive criticism/tips regarding my current build for my tactical escort retro.

Just recently, I have moved toward the PVP playing field - and suffice to say, I haven't been doing that great. I have attached two links. 1) displays my current skill build and 2) displays my power levels boff assignments and equipment.

I have run into a few problems...

When fighting BOPs which have the lowest hull - I will normally sneak up on them, buff, decloak and tractor them in and launch my antiproton cannons... why is it that they still don't make a dent.? My enemy has not buffed or anything.

Second, my turning rate sucks! especially when fighting bops... I don't last long when they start flying circles around me... does anyone have any tips..

third - are antiprotons worth it? and i find that i am always getting my shields drained from one beam overload from an enemy... that always seems to work on me, should i be using that instead?


Thank you in advance...


Tired of getting my a** handed to me in PVP against BOPs

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At a glance there are a few things you can do to regain some points in your current build. You really do not need any points in energy weapon efficiency. There is no reason your weapon power would be off of 100 and the efficiency provides benefits for low power settings. You're also not using any officer abilities that would benefit from points in that skill. Subsystem repair is generally regarded as ineffective so I'd recommend taking all the points out of that. For your engineering skills I would say run emergency power to shields 1 and 2 and let hazard emitters be your hull heal. Then you can also take the points out of hull repair. I would suggest, if you take points out of the skills I've suggested that you use them to max out the weapon skills you have and top off the engine and auxiliary efficiencies and performance skills to get the most out of your power levels. I would also suggest running 100/25/50/25 as your power settings. Higher engine power will help the maneuvering problem you mentioned.

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Thank you kenobi! I was debatingw hether or not to take skills out of subsystem - you have confirmed this for me...

you mentioned putting engines at 50... but do engines help with the turn rate? I think I should be putting more into auxilary, no?

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Also points in tactical team leader will buff Bo's tactical powers.

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One thing Escorts really have going for them is speed... the faster you are moving the higher your defense will be, and the more times enemy shots will miss. You definitely want that engine power up there.

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Which makes a lot of sense.

Sadly, I was always under the impressiont hat i needed to have my shield and hull strength up, and sense I already had good engines I wouldn't use the skills in that area...

Do you think i should keep points in subsystem repair and hull repair? or move them over to engines???

And what about dual heavy cannions... I always find that they do a lot of damage to my shields in one swift stroke. Or should is tick with dual heavies?

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Originally Posted by Bone1970 (Post 3769543)
Also points in tactical team leader will buff Bo's tactical powers.

Hi Bone - I only that skill was for ground abilities???

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Ditch the subsystem repair, and you can probably ditch hull repair too. Hull repair is really something that engineers mostly worry about, as cruisers have 50,000+ hull and can take a pounding when properly built.

As far as weapons layout. 3x DHC and 1x torpedo in the front... 3x turret in the rear. I believe that's the build most escort pilots are running. With Torp Spread being so powerful now you've pretty much gotta have it. Some ditch one of the cannons for a dual beam bank up front and use it with Overload III... but that's a personal call.

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Thanks DV,

What about the tactical team leader skill? I thought that was only for ground abilities - should I put skills in there for space to?

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