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Archived Post 09-22-2011 02:16 PM

Exploration Cruiser Refit vs. Retrofit
Okay, so I was looking at the C-store and I noticed there are TWO purchasable Exploration Cruisers!
  1. Exploration Cruiser Refit
  2. Exploration Cruiser Retrofit

The Refit one contains the new console and the new Venture class skins, costing 800cp. The second one, Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, is the old upgrade to get the saucer-separation perk with an RA version of the Galaxy. The old one costs 1,200cp.

Would someone explain why they couldn't just combine the two rather than make it confusing? If the refit is just the venture skin, then why don't they just call it something like "Venture Class Variant" or some-such?

Archived Post 09-22-2011 02:22 PM

'Refit" is a term used to say that the ship is "better than default". In the case of the Exploration Cruiser refit, you actually get a new ship configuration that's slightly more powerful than the Tier 4 Exploration Cruiser (better inertia, slightly better consoles and bridge stations) - essentially, the Exploration Cruiser Refit is like... Tier 4.5 : you can use it as soon as you are a Captain.

Whereas the 'Retrofit' is the term used to say that it's an older ship which was made so that it would be as powerful (relatively speaking) to the other ships of the same Tier. The Exploration Cruiser Retrofit is essentially an Exploration Cruiser which was balanced to have Tier 5 power which would have it be as viable endgame as other ships such as the Assault and Star Cruisers. You can only use it when you're a Vice Admiral.

Archived Post 09-22-2011 03:04 PM

Layman's terms:

Exploration Refit = Tier 4, Captain Rank.
Exploration Retrofit = Tier 5, Admiral Rank.

(I'm deliberately avoiding the .5 debate for simplicity's sake - Let's not confuse the issue, as the Refit is a Captain's vessel.)

The BOFF, Weapons, Console arrangements of the Retrofit are all better than the Refit. This said - You can buy both, if you so choose, and transfer the antimatter special ability from the Refit to the Retrofit.

Archived Post 09-22-2011 03:05 PM

Why combine it when they can sell 2 items. Combine it you have to raise the price, that reduces possible sales because some people dont want to spend or cant spend $40 for an addon. Seperately people can say oh i can get that for $10 and maybe next month get the other.

Simple economics. Now is it confusing by the titles ya, if you actually read the stuff not at all. I did love seeing some people ask why their new "T5" ship had 10k less hull. I was like uh cause its a T4 ship guys =) .

Archived Post 09-22-2011 03:14 PM

Yeah they really ought to be more clear on the naming of the new venture ship. lol

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