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Archived Post 09-23-2011 07:32 PM

Breen Set
I recently started getting the breen missions that award the 3 parts of the breen absolute zero set. How ever one of my components is a mark 2 and the others are mark 4s is it possible to get the other component in mark 4 are am I out of luck?

Archived Post 09-23-2011 07:38 PM

If I remember correctly the breen set corresponds to the level you were when you got it. You must have been a lower rank when you got the first piece.

Just do it again in mission replay to get an up to date piece.

Archived Post 09-23-2011 07:39 PM

Go to your bridge (down arrow from the minimap, Visit Bridge), and go to your ready room connected to the bridge. There's a console on your desk that will let you replay any storyline missions you've completed. Missions that scale to the level you did them, like the Breen series, will scale to your current level so you can get the parts you still need at mk 4. After you rank up you can do that again and get a whole new set for your new level.

Archived Post 09-23-2011 09:26 PM

Right now, the set will not recognize items from different mark levels. I wish the programers would change it so that you could still benifit from the passives and extra abilities across levels. I would propose changing the passives to be based on the lowest level of the set.

Parabolic Deflector Mk II
Suppercooled Engines Mk IV
Shields Mk VI

The passives would be based on MK II stats as that would be the lowest level. If the Player later earned the Deflector at Mk VIII, then the stats would increase to Mk IV levels as that would be the weakest item of the set after the deflectors were swapped out.

Further on this, at LT and LT Commander(MkII-IV), the Breen Energy dampener would be level one, at Commander and Captain(Mk VIII), it would be Dampener II, and at RA/VA/General it would be Dampener III.

Archived Post 09-23-2011 09:33 PM

I was playing the other day, a captain level patrol in the Beta Ursae block, and this happened to me. All of the Jem Hadar were Lt grade, all the drops were Mk II and the mission reward was Mk III.

This experience tells me that it is not out of the realm of possibility that we have a new bug.

Still mission replay, as recommended by Hevach, will give you a opportunity to get a higher tier version of the Breen set item. To be honest they like us to replay the FEs and used nonn leveling gear as a way to get us to replay them.

Archived Post 09-24-2011 12:22 AM

This problem is why I don't run any of the FE missions before I reach VA.

Archived Post 09-25-2011 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by CrustyMac (Post 3771927)
This problem is why I don't run any of the FE missions before I reach VA.


It's not like you can't re-run the missions at VA. You're hardly buried under a massive list of things to do when you hit cap.

Archived Post 09-25-2011 11:15 AM

Saving the FEs for cap preserves the novelty.

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