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Archived Post 09-24-2011 01:41 PM

Item Values
Hey people,

I ran a search for this before posting, but nothing matching my question was presented.

Essentially, I am lieutenant 10 and while I have been told that I don't really need EC due to free ships every rank and how good the crafting system is, I'd still like to have a pool lying around. My main query is regarding item values and their sale value in vendors. For example, the value of the Photon Torpedo Launcher Standard Issue that came with my Miranda-class Light Cruiser was listed as 5 EC in the item info panel. However, when I went to the starship components vendor on ESD, the value was 2 EC.

Should I take the value listed in the infocard as the item's actual value?

If that is the item's EC value, where can I sell said item for it's full value? ESD does not pay that value, more like 50-75%. Traders in space seem to pay even less.

From what I can gather, the Exchange is similar to EvE Online's contract system or WoW's auction house, so I don't think i'll get full value for all my low tier loot there, if at all.

TL:DR; Where can I sell my loot for it's full advertised value?

Cheers guys, any feedback would be appreciated. Still a newb with this game :D

Archived Post 09-24-2011 01:48 PM

The value of low level equipment isnít that great a majority of items are best being discarded for 50% of the value. However Rare, Very Rare items will be worth posting on the exchange. Also any quantum torpedoes are often worth more at lower levels as they canít be bought from vendor.

Youíre best to keep levelling for now and reach the endgame economy

Archived Post 09-24-2011 02:36 PM

Hi Plumbership

As you rightly concluded the value in the lower right of an items info-card is its actual value, many refer to this as its "retail" value. This is the price you would pay to buy them new from most vendors.

When it comes to selling items, you have four options;
  • Vendors/Stores - Most vendors in the game will offer you 50% of an items retail value.
  • Ferengi and Traders - Ground or space base, they will offer you less, 30-40% I believe.
  • Replicator - You can feed your unwanted items to your ships replicator while in space, this only gives you 40% though.
  • Exchange - Here things can sell for whatever price someone is willing to pay for them. Items can be listed for anything from 1ec to 999,999,999ec. The level/quality/rarity of an item as well as demand for that item (single cannons aren't very popular as an example) will determine if it will sell and how much you can get for it.

To make gaining EC more challenging Cryptic have decided to make the value of the items your ship come fitted with virtually worthless, with some ships (mainly those from the C-store) the items are bound, cannot be sold to anyone, and must be discarded.

As Sneak said, most common item are best being sold to vendors for 50% or recycled (if you run out of space). Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare items though should always be checked against the exchange. The exchange is constantly changing, what's up there and in surplus today, may be in demand tomorrow.

I echo his comments on quantum torpedoes and expend on it to include any item you encounter that is at a level lower (or higher at endgame) than can be bought from vendor/stores. Even if these are common rarity, check them against the exchange. Mk II Quantums, Mk VI Tetryons, and nearly all Mk XII items sell well.

Finally a quick tip, if you drag an item icon into the search text box on the exchange, it will fill it in for you :)

Archived Post 09-24-2011 04:52 PM

If you just vendor/replicator all unused loot as you level, you will have roughly 1 million EC by the time you are level cap. This is assuming you don't buy anything from the exchange. You can turn in badges for green items to equip your ship. Or you can craft item. Or, you can sell the anomalies on the exchange.

Archived Post 09-28-2011 05:13 PM

I've always found selling at ESD to the chick in Requisitions gets me the most money, more than recycling in the replicator. Never sell to a Ferengi.

Common anything is throw away material. I would even say Uncommon doesn't really fetch much on the exchange. I only post rare and very rare stuff on the exchange. Make sure to search the exchange for the exact item you're trying to sell before naming your price. There's a heck of a large difference in price for items with special values, like [CrtD]x3, [CrtH]x3, [Acc]x3, etc. I recently sold a Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Acc]x3 for just under 50 million. Just guessing, but I'd say the regular very rare Mk XI quantums are probably around 4-5 mill? So it's worthwhile to investigate before selling.

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