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Zen PvP

And the tenants there-of (or a humorous attempt anyways) coming soon(tm)

This is a look into the ancient philosophy of Zen PvP. (Cool orange robes not a requirment- though they do look cool) as put forth by the first PvP'ers ages ago in his quest for a balanced and fun experience that eximplified quick thinking, persaverance and courage.

First the 4 truths of PvP.

The Truth of Balance
The Truth of the Cause of Imbalance
The Truth of the End of balance
The Truth of the Path leading to the End of balance

Truth one: The Truth of Balance;
The First PvP'ers discovery of the solution to the problem of balance began with the recognition that life is unbalanced. This is the first of the Four Noble Truths. If people examine their own experiences or look at the world around them, they will see that life is full of unbalance. Imbalance may be physical, mental or a product of bad code that was not properly tested and allowed to go live. (often against the advice of those whom tested)
There is no perfect balance.

takes many forms. People must have observed at one time or another, how the new PvPer is not able to perform in PvP as well as older experienced players players. Most of them suffer aches and pains in their PvP experiences due to a lack of Knowledge on what works and what does not and many find it hard to to use the Keyboard or mouse effectively to until they have that better understanding. With advancing experience and knowledge this condition will go away but may return if such learned skills are left to waste in inactivity. There is always someone much better at PvP than ones self.

One must PvP often to remain or get better at PvP.

Beside physical imbalances broght by age, skill and flexibility, there are also various forms of mental imbalance that strike PvPers, old and new alike. People feel griefed, outclassed or that something is OP when they lose in a match. They feel irritated or and cheated when they are forced to be in the company of those whom use abilites they dislike or find unpleasant. People also suffer when they are unable to satisfy their limitless needs and wants to live the "unconquerable hero" and fall short in reality.
Ego is both a limiter and a enabler in PvP

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Originally Posted by Roach (Post 3774618)
And the tenants there-of (or a humorous attempt anyways) coming soon(tm)

One of the basic tenets of zen PvP:
STO's PVP is really strong

It must be true if the Cryptic says so

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What is the sound of an Arena Match with only 1 player on the map?

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Truth two: The truth of the Cause of Imbalance
The First PvP'ers had observed that PvP is unbalanced. Before He could find a solution to the problem of inbalance in PvP, He had first to look for the cause of inabalance. The First PvP'er was just like a good doctor who first observes a patient's symptoms and identifies the cause of illness before prescribing a cure. The First PvP'er discovered that the direct causes of Inbalance are desire or craving, and ignorance. This is the truth of the cause of Imbalance, which is the Second Noble Truth.

is the deep-seated desire that all living beings have for the pleasures of the senses, and for PvP itself. For instance, people always seek to enjoy good combat, entertainment and pleasant combat banter. Yet none of these can give them complete and lasting satisfaction. After the fine combat has been fought, the entertaining chat read and the pleasant combat shared, one is still not content. One would like to enjoy these pleasures again and again, and for as long as possible.

Players whom darkly desire to own many other players (to gank) also can never be fully satisfied. Like children in a toyshop, they crave all the attractive things they see as boosting thier own skills and deadliness. But like children, they soon become dissatisfied with what they already have, desire more or wish to bend things to better support thier desires. Cheating is the wrongness of craving in PvP. Sometimes, they can hardly eat or sleep until they get what they want. Yet when they succeed in getting what they want, they may still find their PvP happiness short-lived. Many will be too worried for the balance and condition of their new desired ability to balance it properly in thier own eyes. Then when the object they possess eventually is nerfed into pieces and has to be thrown away, they will suffer its loss even more.

When we have obtained something we desire, we may want more and more of it, and so greed to wIN arises. Because of desire and greed, people will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. Uncontrolled desires can also lead to the addiction of the kill, all of which lead to imbalance.

If another person prevents one from getting what is desired, one may feel anger towards that person. Desire, when obstructed, can lead to ill will and anger. This in turn can lead to harsh words, violent quarrels and even accusations of Cheating when the real problem with ones PvP skills may lie in oneself.

Craving or desire is like a great tree having many branches. There are branches of greed, of ill will and of anger. The fruit of this tree is PvP imbalance, but how does the tree of craving arise? Where does it grow? The answer is that the tree of craving is rooted in ignorance. It grows out of ignorance of how things work.

Ignorance is the inability to see the truth about things, to see things as they really are. There are many truths about PvP which players are ignorant of because of the limitations of their understanding.

Science has shown, for instance, that there are sounds that people are unable to hear and waves of light that they are unable to see. People would be totally unaware of radio waves, or ultra-violet light rays if special instruments had not been developed to enable them to observe these things. So long as people remain ignorant of things about the world of PvP in which they play they will suffer a perception of imbalance

When people develop their minds and acquire experience through study, careful thought and meditation, they will see the Truth. They will see things as they really are. They will understand the imbalance and impermanence of balance and the Law of Cause and Effect. By overcoming craving and ignorance, they will attain happiness and Enlightenment just as the the First PvPer did years ago.
Ignorance is found both in players and the Developers. the two must work together from mutual respect to achieve Zen PvP.

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The First PvPers realization of the non-existance of true balance propelled his mind towards Zen PvP enlightenment. For six years, the ButsIwanaGanknoobs had spared no effort to find a solution to the problems of imbalance. He had tried the principal methods of ending inmbalance and had found them wanting. Eventually he found his own solution to the problems of PvP balance.
There is no balance outside oneself.

But acceptance of others wisdom. Having realized the Truth through his own efforts, the First PvPer offered it to all who were ready to listen. There is an old story of a Cruiser and a Escort. The Cruiser PvP'ed and dished out sustained damage as well as healing while the escort only delivered direct damage in the Ques.. One day, when the Cruiser had returned from a visit to the Ques, he told the Escort of his experiences. He explained that some Escorts tanked rather well than just dished out high damage. The Escort refused to believe that tanking escorts really existed because that was something beyond his own experience. In the same way, people may not have experienced all that PvP has to offer and feel they know all that is.

There is no end to Imbalance because the balance of PvP is an ever growing on-going event. A product of Player and Developers in unison that when one thing is changed to achieve balance another falls out of balance and disrupts the cycle again.
Accept that oneself is not the pinnacle of PvP greatness and understand that nerfs happen

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The Acceptance Path
As a new PvPer, Prince NeverPvPedBefore enjoyed the indulgent life of PvE in his game of choice. Later, when he renounced the easy gameplay and became an PvPer, he experienced the hardship of using his skills and builds in the less forgiving enviroment of the Ques.
Finally, not long before attaining Enlightenment, he realized the fruitlessness of sticking to his old playstyles. He realized that the way to happiness and balance was to lead a gamelife that avoids these pitfalls and sought the knowledge of those whom PvPed before him.

He described this gamelife as the Acceptance Path.

These three ways of life may be compared to the strings of different tensions on a lute. The loose string, which is like a life of PvE indulgances, produces a poor sound when struck. The overly tight string, which is like a life of denial in ones inability to PvP, similarly produces a poor sound when struck and is, moreover, likely to break at any moment. Only the final string, which is neither too loose nor too tight, and is like the Acceptnace Path, produces a pleasant and harmonious sound when struck.
So those who follow the Acceptance Path which avoids the extreme of indulging one's desires and the opposite extreme of torturing one's mind and body unreasonably to gain a better level of gameplay, will find Balance, peace of mind and Enlightenment. This is the Fourth Noble Truth of the path leading to the end of Imbalance.
We as PvPers can not be good in all things and must both accept and strive to overcome our own limitations.

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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully (Post 3774631)
What is the sound of an Arena Match with only 1 player on the map?

" DMANIT CRYPTIC!!!!!!" followed by a post in a thread somehwere?

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This looks like something that probobly was left out of the Razor Fleet Doctorates. :D

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It was suppossed to be a long winded but funny look at PvP foibles and failings due to misconceptions of new players, older players and those that code games for PvP.

It got more thinky than I intended...

I blaim the Bloodwine's vintage I am drinking.

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I still think it was a nice post Roach :)
*thumbs up*

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