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Archived Post 09-28-2011 08:05 AM

to boldly go...
Sorry couldn`t help myself with the thread title :)

So I am a brand new player to STO (played the trial AGES ago) and have just got the digital deluxe version from Steam.I was chatting away in Zone and got a PM.As I do on CO I hit backspace and replied only to be told that I CANT PM non friends with a trial account.??

Is this a problem with my account or is the 30 days game time included not considered a `proper` subscription ?.
Its a bit aggravating tbh as I have to yell my replies to all and sundry who honestly probably dont want to hear my half of a conversation.

Apart from that so far so good.I`m thinking this may be as much of a time warp as Champions Online :)

Archived Post 09-28-2011 08:09 AM

I guess we first have to start off with the basic question: You did Redeem your Retail Key and enter a valid Credit Card number into your Account on the main webpage?

If you have not done that then your account is still running under the Trail version rather then under the Digital Deluxe version.

If you did the above, and your Account states you are Active then I would imagine it is a bug and you should file an account bug ticket via the Support System: either in-game or from the main website.

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