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Archived Post 09-30-2011 06:14 PM

Tutorial Borg
im going to say this as i feel that the tutorials should be teaching players with a challenge not something thats so easy that you forget the lessons learned,

The Borg: They need to drink a few cups of concrete, there way to easy compared to the original Tutorial borg there's little to zero learning curve in the tutorial with them this weak.

Mission being re-cut: you took out the more boring bits which is a plus but all in all i thought we where getting a brand new out of the box tutorial not a re edited one.

CMDR Davis: he is lost in the jumble of boxes, you should look at the placement of the boxes and that NPC to give better visual qualities to the scene, it looks slap dash to me, in this section.

Archived Post 09-30-2011 09:57 PM

Part of me wishes that the world of STO had moved on to the present. The tutorial could have been left almost as is but tied instead to the new Borg incursions we're currently facing.

Imagine starting at SFA. After a short "tutorial" there you receive word from your instructors about the Borg's first major attempt to assimilate a star system deep in Federation territory. You'd be sent out to meet and try to drive off this threat. It would also have neatly tied into the forthcoming ground Borg zone; think of Vega colony as a rehearsal to that upcoming event if you will.

However since the story of the Vega colony is also currently tied into the STF's, that'd probably be a lot more work than is warranted to change about. Shame really.

Archived Post 10-01-2011 09:28 AM

I totally agree that this is just a re-edit of the original mission - i feel nothing has changed at all except that you start in 3 different locations depending on your profession and they took a lot of audio dialog out.

We want a tutorial that explains how to play more than just the basics of the game. Most people that come to play this game already know basic rpg or fps game don't need to reteach that. Teach us how to use the skill tree, doff system, and utilize the academy on earth in the training. I realize that making a new mission is expensive and time consuming but honestly an edit is not what we wanted.

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