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Archived Post 09-30-2011 07:23 PM

New Missions Journal
First off, I LOVE the layout of the new missions journal. I have a few criticisms and bug reports, however:

1. I don't see the opening Overview tab being very intuitive for a new person picking up the game. After all, Dev Blog #2 took two paragraphs just to explain how it works. If I were a new player I'd probably stare at EPISODES and PvE for a couple seconds trying to figure out what the difference was. Maybe there was a blurb in the tutorial that I clicked through without reading, but I would highly suggest adding mouse-over popups for the various sections that explain what's in that section and what a player can expect from those types of missions.

2. This is more of a bug report: when I first open the window, the "Hail" button under EPISODES is disabled when I'm already on the only available mission in the list, but if I click on "More", hail the guy, and go back, it's miraculously enabled.

3. The "Commendations" button should really be a button in Accolades or an extra tab next to Accolades in the journal. It seems completely irrelevant to "Duty Officers", where it is now.

4. The missions currently list who the contact for the mission is. It would also be nice to know WHERE that person is, for the cases where just hailing someone from anywhere doesn't work (or, heck, if you just want to go say hi!).

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