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Archived Post 10-03-2011 10:18 AM

Academy Lore Mission.. Good idea.. Bad idea..
Good idea....:)

Goto the Academy and test your knowledge of Star Trek (c) Lore... Good oh... I love a quiz me...

Find the NPC that gives the daily mission, (she's stood by a console)... So far okay... but then... oh what ??!!

You have to Trek (c) .. right across the campus, to get to another console to answer the question... Ok...
BUT... then you have to Back Trek (c)... across the campus to where you started, to get the reward... !!??

Bad idea...:eek:

Sorry, but to my way of thinking, this is just plain daft... Commander Viala.. the NPC that gives the mission, is stood right next to a console. Why not make that the question giver ?? ... All we are doing is travelling acroos the campus for what, the excercise, the view.. ?? It's not even on a direct path...

Also, there is no indicator on the map, on where you get the "data-chip" from either.. (It's to the left of the tailor inside the Academy)...

So.. I'll give you guys 10/10 for the mission... but 5/10 for not thinking this through... We have enough of unessasary walking/running/flying/jumping/etc...etc.. in the game already... Please simplify this...

Really liking the Doff's though...:)

Oh & can I have my (1st year Anniversary) Q's fountain, Fed Targ-Pup Pet back please...:rolleyes:

Archived Post 10-03-2011 04:06 PM

And then there is something going on with a token. I'm confused by the whole thing.

Archived Post 10-03-2011 04:55 PM

HAHA! I failed this mission TWICE before figuring it out!

I wandered through all the corridors, checked out the holodeck, made sure you didn't need to buy them from a vendor, read all the plaques... then suddenly it dawned on me:

If I get these stupid chips from a console... shouldn't my tricorder scan pick it up?

BAM!! Lightning struck my brain. I hit 'scan' and found the stupid data chips in about 5 seconds, after an exhaustive 20 minute search.

Best part was, I read through the entire data chip, went to the terminal with newly gained knowledge in hand, read the question... umm... this isn't material I have studied yet... FAIL!!!

Aww man, 3 failed exams in a row. I am bound to be a career CADET at this rate... :(

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